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DIY: Toyota Celica ZZT23 air cond diagnosis

1. First, turn the key switch from "OFF" position to "ON" position with pushing AUTO and together.

 2. You will noticed that all the LEDs on A/C controller will flash 4 times.

 3. Sensors will be checked, and display shows code. (Please refer to the error code table below)

 4. We can reset the error by this procedure.

Continue to Read More for the Error Code and Diagnosis description.

Error Code

no problem
11 trouble in air sensor inside
12 trouble in air sensor outside
13 trouble in sensor after evapolator
14 trouble in water temp signal
21 trouble in sunlight sensor
22 locked compressor
31 wiring trouble in air mix servo
33wiring trouble in mode mix servo
41 malfunction of air mix servo
43 malfunction of mode mix servo

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