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Project Celica: Toyota Celica

 After working for a year, I am decided to get myself another car. Toyota Celica is my choice this time. Everything was done back in May 2007. Sourcing around for a Toyota Celica super strut edition with 6 speed manual is not an easy job. Try my best to find for almost a month from the internet but still can't get what I want.

Finally, I have decided to go to KL for sourcing the car. After some search, came through a car dealer from Serdang. The car's specification meet my requirements where it is a super strut edition, full bodykit, full VARIS exhaust system and etc. The cockpit, dual SRS air bag, leather steering and gear knob. However too bad it does not come with ICE (In Car Entertainment) system. The player was taken out the people from custom when the car was shipped here.

Performance wise, it is rated at 190 hp VVTLi engine with a cam lift at 6200rpm and fitted with a 6 speed gearbox. Besides that, it came with VARIS full exhaust system called EXTREMOR SPORTS MUFFLER Ver 2 which cost 160000yen for it. Haven't actually dyno the car but based on the information from the net, stock Toyota Celica 190 hp VVTLi engine is rated at 160 whp.

Many would say that the car is just for looks and totally lack of performance. Yes indeed and let's see how aftermarket performance parts help to overcome this.

Follow closely on the updates of this project car. Please follow my other project car, Project Satria.

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