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Project Celica: Toyota Celica ICE Upgrade

After 2 weeks I brought back my Celica, can't stand the feeling of no entertainment in car and a big ugly hole at the center console. Therefore I decided to install a new player for my car. After a long research, finally I decided to grab a touch screen DVD player manufactured by Panasonic. Reason of choosing Panasonic is because I did have a Panasonic player installed to my Proton Saga and it is still working until now where it is almost 8 years. 

Chosen the Panasonic CQ-VD6503U where it is a double din DVD player with touch screen functionality and come with a remote control. It supports DVD, VCD, CD, MP3, Ipod and etc which to me is more than enough. Besides that, it does come with GPS and reverse camera functions but an add on device is needed to enable these features to run properly. 

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