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DIY: 4AGE 20 Valves Oil Control Valve (OCV)

The Oil control valve sits at the front left hand side of the 4AGE 20v cylinder head. The function of this valve is to control oil flow into the intake camshaft which controls the operation of the VVT mechanism. So the valve can either be open.....or closed.

The Toyota Part number for the Oil Control Valve is 15330-16020.

The unit should be stamped Toyota Aisin on the side.

Symptoms for Replacement

- Hesitation on VVT activation
- No activation of VVT at all

You can test your unit by giving the pin outs direct current and listening to hear a clicking in the device (almost like a relay).

Replacing the Unit

The Following will be required :

- Size 10 offset spanner
- Size 10 socket and wrench
- Flat screw driver
- Size 12 spanner or socket

Step 1

Remove the pin connector from the unit by pressing down on the clip and pulling it out.

Step 2

Use the Size 12 spanner or socket and remove the engine hoist bracket (the one that looks like a hook) thats on the right hand side of the oil control valve. This just gives you a bit more room to play with.

Step 3

Use the Size 10 spanner or socket and loosen/ remove the 2 size 10 bolts on either side of the unit.

Step 4

Use your flat screwdriver and gently pry out the unit. Just be weary and some oil may leak out at this point.

Step 5

Replace old unit with the new one....and insert back the size 10 bolts and tighten

Step 6

Put on back the Engine Hoist Bracket (If removed) and Plug in the lug for the new Valve.

Source: by TwincamSam

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