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700HP Toyota Celica GT4 Tops Out at 202MPH - 325km/h

The Fensport-prepped Toyota Celica GT4 racer which recorded a top speed of 202.2 mph or 325km/h on November 21 at the Woodbridge Airfield near Ipswich, in the UK.

The man behind the steering wheel of the heavily modified Celica GT4, which features all-wheel drive and a 2.1-liter engine with a Turbo Dynamics' MD355 blueprinted turbocharger cranking out 700-horsepower, was Time Attack competitor, Adrian Smith.

"I started fine. I got wheel spin on the slippery start in the first three gears, but once in 4th the car settled nicely," said Smith. "At around 180 MPH a crosswind again started to move the car off-line. However, I kept my foot in and thankfully the car stayed straight and the wind subdued."

"I checked the speed and it was 201, then 202! I was thinking 'Yes it is going to do 205/206,' but then there was a tiny misfire and the speed dropped to 201 again. By then it was time to brake. I had done 202.22 MPH, what an amazing feeling."

According to Fensport, the 202.22 mph top speed was achieved from a standing start in just 1.1 miles.

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