Monday, August 31, 2015

Project Kancil: New Alarm upgrade for Project Kancil

From previous post here, there are some upgrades pending for project Kancil but at the moment I just wanted to upgraded those that is a must to me. Done replacing the blown HID bulb and now is time for the alarm system. I bought a flip key alarm system due to I already fed up with all the keys that hanging around with the alarm remote. With this flip key alarm system, I just need to carry a single alarm remote. :)

The alarm is with me right now and I will try to install it as soon as possible. I will try to upload the alarm system diagram and hopefully this will provide a reference for those who want to DIY to install an alarm system for their car. 

Some features of the alarm system include (Open/Close lock, Vibration sensor, Trunk release and etc) and come with all necessary items. Take a look closer at the alarm system after the jump.

PS: Do remind me if I forget to upload the alarm system wiring diagram.

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Hi, Could you please post the wiring diagram for the alarm system

Sure. I will post it out once I done drawing the diagram.

Hi, please share the alarm wiring diagram if possible. Thank you

Yoooooooo.. Wheres the diagram. i wanna diy my own shit too bro. help a brother out. thanks