Monday, June 9, 2014

Project Kancil: Is Back In Action

Missing in action for months and finally it is back in action again. What I did to it was just replace the jammed turbo with a similar model and added some performance parts to it. It was a nightmare to get a used turbo around in Ipoh halfcut shops. Either the shops do not carry the unit itself or it cost way a lot more for a good unit compare to the market price. 

After months of hunting around, finally my dad able to get me a used unit which cost me about RM350 which I understand that you may get it cheaper somewhere in KL areas. Before fixing it, I sourced a stainless steel intake pipe to couple along with the new turbo unit from a seller who actively involve in Kcarlife facebook. Hope with this, there will be no sand or what so ever to enter the turbo inlet and jam it.