Saturday, February 15, 2014

Malaysia Automotive News: New Alza or Myvi?

Stumble upon this picture - a modified Perodua from the internet. Not pretty sure what actual model is this, it might be Perodua Myvi or Alza. At first glance, it might looks like the Infinite model but after a more careful look; it has a different bumper design and headlamp design. With the new modification, it changed to something VW Golf GTi look a like headlamp and with a customized front bumper. For those who own a Myvi/Alza, you may consider to do the same modification to your car as well.

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Friday, February 14, 2014

Project Kancil: JB-JL decided to become a NA engine

What a bad Chinese New Year I had this year. Planned to drive my Celica back to Penang so went back to Ipoh last week with my Kancil. Previously I blog about the silicone intake piping that I bought to replace my Kancil's bad condition intake pipe but due to my laziness and there is nothing bad happen that caused by the piping thus far, so I assume that the pipe is still good to go and still have not install the new pipe yet until now. 

Because of my laziness and assumption; it caused me to pay for it. Why I said so? This was because my Kancil's turbo "kong" a.k.a stop spinning during the journey back to my hometown. To be exacted, it happen some where after Cangkat Jering, Taiping. Unfortunately, I had no choice but to continue driving the car back and kept my finger cross hoping there is no debris from the turbo enter to the engine. 

Thursday, February 6, 2014

International News: Jeremy's explaination of new Formula 1 regulation

It’s a new start! After a winter of changes and anticipation running high Formula One racing’s new generation of 1.6-litre turbocharged cars were put through their paces for the first time on Tuesday as pre-season testing got under way in Jerez. Jeremy Clarkson has his very own perception on the newly design Formula One car and see how funny his comment was...