Wednesday, July 31, 2013

International Automotive News: Honda to launch New Civic Type-R at 2015

Honda finally has revived the Civic Type-R and will predict to be launched at 2015. The news had confirmed by Honda executive, Takanobu Ito. This newly Civic Type-R will be having at least 265hp and will try to hit 300hp mark. According to UK Honda direct Dave Hodgetts, the Civic Type-R will be tested on Nurburgring circuit during 2013 autumn. This Europe model will be built at Swindon and will be launch on year 2015.

 According to Hodgetts, the new Civic Type-R will be equipped with the 1.6L turbo engine which similar to the World Touring Car Championship (WTCC) and there is a chance to be equipped with a 2.0L turbo engine as well. Based on Takanobu Ito's statement, he predicted that this Civic Type-R will try to record the fastest lap for Nürburgring and try to break the Renault Megane RS's record 8m7.97s record.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Malaysia Automotive News: Proton Preve Hatchback With A Better Rear End Images

At last the long waited Proton P3-22A a.k.a Proton Preve Hatchback was somebody near the Proton Tanjung Malim plant. Previously all those spy shot captured do not really show the actual rear end instead of covering up using some black material. However here are 2 images that clear show the rear and side design of the car. 

Its side profile has strong resemblance of Proton MSX concept which displayed years back. Rear design looks nice but its lack of detailing. The images clearly show that there are 4 colors for end users to choose for - metallic blue, metallic black, metallic silver and solid white. However the solid white model will equipped with Preve's sport rim instead of the sport rim shown in the images which it looks more sporty. Let's stay tune when is the official launch date and do give your comment on it.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Celica Club Malaysia: Scammer stealing information from CCM. PLEASE AWARE!!!

Recently there are a lot of scammers around who keep stealing others information and pretend those are theirs. The previous post I posted that my Kancil's images being stolen and used for his car selling advertisement. Now here is a even worse case that one of the member from Celica Club Malaysia (CCM) car register number being used by a scammer. Hence over here I would like to share out some information and images to show the scammer's car and the owner's car. If you able to locate the scammer please help to make a report to the police.

There are more images of the scammer's car after the jump. Most recent the scammer's car had met an accident. It might be having another design/bodykit after the car being repaired.