Sunday, March 31, 2013

2014 Audi TT Styling

In an interview given to CarAdvice, Volkswagen Group design chief Walter de Silva said TT's final styling has been approved ahead of the car's arrival next year. It will draw its inspiration from the first-gen model but with a few hints from the current one.

The new TT will be a "combination" and will remain a true TT "but in a different way." It will be different than Audi's current models, especially at the front, while the sides and rear will keep the usual lines. The biggest improvements will be in quality and attention to detail, along with a longer wheelbase. Its chassis will be stiffer and lighter to improve weight distribution and provide better handling. It will use VW's MQB platform with only turbocharged gasoline and diesel engines.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Project Kancil: Cleaning Foglamps With Tooth Paste

Since my L2s bodykit is from the halfcut shop (scrap yard) thus one of the fog lamp is not really in good condition while the other still looking good. The not in good condition means over here is the fog lamp is seriously oxidized. Changing a pair of them will cost me about RM100-200 and it is a challenge to find a set with nice condition. Maybe in the near future, I will change to the projector fog lamp a.k.a mata ketam over here in Malaysia. While waiting this to come true, I could probably clean my covers to remedy this. Yesterday I decided to do something about it.

There are many products you can buy to do this. I am cheap and lazy so I decided to do it another way. This is actually super easy and relatively quick to do. Searching on Google, I found people using toothpaste doing the same thing here and here and here and here and here and here.  So I figured it would be worth a shot.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Lamborghini Veneno Sale At 3 Million Euro

The Aventador-based ultra-exclusive supercar has already been sold out, even though with a hefty 3Million EUR (3.8Million USD) price tag. Only three units will be made and all will be equipped with a V12 6.5-liter engine rated at 750 HP (552 kW). The 7-speed ISR gearbox sends those ponies to an all-wheel drive system, helping the Veneno reach 62 mph (100 km/h) in 2.8 seconds and a top speed of 220 mph (355 km/h).

The car currently is weight at 3,190 lbs (1,450 kg) and comes with a woven carbon-fiber CarbonSkin trim, Forged Composite seats and a revamped instrument cluster. The car shown in this video is a test prototype and represents the only one to have all three colors of the Italian flag. The production version will have one of the three hues. Continue to watch the video.

Honda CB350 Cafe Racer From Israel

Since I'm on the way into bike world, thus I will always read and look into some famous modification around the bike world. Now I found out that recently the modification scene has moved back to the 60s where the cafe racers ruled the bike world back then.

The cafe racer is a motorcycle that has been modified for speed and handling rather than comfort. The bodywork and control layout of a cafe racer typically mimicked the style of a contemporary Grand Prix road racer, featuring an elongated fuel tank, often with dents to allow the rider's knees to grip the tank, low slung racing handlebars, and a single, rearward mounted, humped seat.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Car News: The New Toyota VIOS

After years with the current design, finally Toyota has released a full model change for the Toyota VIOS, which this time will look even more sleek and more powerful than the current version. It would need to be tailored to suit the Packaging Coordinator. However there is not much different from the current version. It is equipped with the 1NZ-FE 4 cylinder DOHC 16-valve 1.5L which capable to produce 80 kW (107 hp) at 6000 rpm with 141 Nm (103 lb·ft) of torque at 4200 rpm

Sunday, March 24, 2013

DMC Tuning Gives Ferrari F12 Berlinetta a Thorough Makeover

Normally owners of a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta will not try to have it modified in any way. However, there are F12 owners out there who have another thought of it and DMC Tuning of Germany promises to offer with its new F12 "Spia" program.

DMC garnish the car with a carbon fiber body kit, which is comprised of a larger front splitter (highly-prone to getting scratched/chipped), new side skirts and a revised rear diffuser. At the back, you will no doubt notice the smoked rear lights, and the boot-lid spoiler, which is reminiscent of that fitted by Ferrari on the 599XX.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Project Kancil: Better Visibility During Night Travel

This is one of my "What to do" for Project Kancil since 2011. You may take a look at my recap here Recapitulation of year 2011. Bought a set of H4 6000K Hi-Low anti glare for my Kancil along side with another 2 sets for my friends. I finally make up my mind to get the HID kit for headlamp instead of fog lamp because I worry that the heat of the HID will melt my fog lamp socket (though HID only outputting 35W).

The price of the HID set is RM175 with postage fee and 1 to 1 exchange claimed by the seller. So hopefully with this warranty will provide some confident to the HID set. However there is a defect for 1 of my friend HID set because one of the bulb is projecting out a blueish color something similar to 8000K color temp while the other is 6000K. Anyway already informed the seller and hopefully can sort out the exchange warranty as soon as possible. 

Monday, March 18, 2013

How Much You Need To Own and Maintain A Kancil JB-JL

In my opinion for a guy who really wanted to involve in car modification with low budget, I will always recommend to start with Kei cars. Kei cars in Malaysia consist of Perodua Kancil, Kenari, Kelisa, Suzuki Alto and etc. Perodua Kancil is the most famous among the rest of the Kei cars and in this post I will like to share the cost of owning and maintaining a Perodua Kancil JB-JL.

Based on my experience, modifying a Perodua Kancil with JB-JL engine is not that expensive as expected. The price of the halfcut without bodykit is around RM2.5k-2.8k in Penang while in KL it will be about RM500 lesser compare to Penang price. While with full bodykit, it will cost you roughly RM3k to 3.5k and the price is also RM500 cheaper compare to Penang.  For my case, I opt to get the full bodykit halfcut whereby you can sell off the bodykit parts for around RM500-600 which at the end of the day the price will be the same as of the non bodykit halfcut price. Besides that, you can install the bodykit to your car as well if you like the Mira L5 bodykit design.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Toyota Celica SS-II 722 Street Concept

As a Toyota Celica owner, I will always look for some nice Toyota Celica around the world.  And here is a nicely done up Toyota Celica from Brisbane. To me this is the nicest wide bodykit beside the APR GT300 kit from APR Performance. 

Engine wise, the car is not only equipped with the stock 2ZZ-GE but with a IHI turbo boosting 0.5 bar of boost. Beside of the turbo kit, the car performance is now enhanced with a 5kg bottle of nitrous oxide. The original ECU is not fitted with a piggyback DASTEK unichip type Q to provide better fuel and timing management. The exhaust is now modded with a 4-1 head and stainless steel dual muffler. 

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Honda 2015 Civic Type R to produce 265HP

Honda has released plans to start to testing on their 2015 Civic Type R on the Nürburgring later this year. After years Honda stopped the FD2R production,Honda has confirmed new 2015 Civic Type R "development is progressing well." Honda also revealed the Civic Type R will use technologies adapted from the World Touring Car Championship Civic. 

Honda UK Managing Director Dave Hodgetts told Auto Express the car will have at least 265 bhp (198 kW) but engineers are targeting an output of 300 bhp (224 kW). However the engine that will equip to the car is still remains unclear whether is powered by a 1.6L turbocharged engine or a 2.0L engine but recent reports have indicated the latter displacement is more likely. Regardless of final numbers, Honda wants the Civic Type R to claim the front-wheel drive Nürburgring lap record from the Renault Megane RS Trophy which clocked a time of 8 minutes and 7.97 seconds.