Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Proton Preve Received 5 Stars From ANCAP

The Proton Preve was introduced in Australia in 2013. This ANCAP safety rating applies to all variants. Dual frontal, side chest and side head airbags (curtains) are standard. Antilock brakes (ABS), electronic brake distribution (EBD) and electronic stability control (ESC) are also standard. Advanced seat belt reminders are fitted to both front seats. 

5 Star. In the offset crash test driver chest and leg protection was acceptable. Passenger chest protection was acceptable. In the side impact crash test driver chest protection was acceptable. Performance in the side pole test was good.

ABT tuned R8 GTR to Revised at Geneva Motor Show

ABT Sportsline will release revised GTR aftermarket program for the Audi R8. The focus point this time will be the V10-powered R8 facelift which has a 5.2-liter FSI engine producing 550 HP (404 kW) and 540 Nm (398 lb-ft). ABT's engineers can increase the output to 620 HP (456 kW) and 550 Nm (405 lb-ft) of torque if more power needed.

This newly tuned V10 engine able to do it in 3.2 seconds from 0-100km/h, while the stock V10 engine does it in 3.5 seconds. The top speed of the newly tuned V10 engine is 202mph (325km/h) whereas the standard model is 193mph (311km/h). Carbon fiber was used for making the side skirts, hood, front and rear apron, rear wing and also for the adjustable front splitter. With all the light weight carbon fiber parts, the Audi R8 GTR by ABT weighs 1,515 kg (3,340 lbs), making it 110 kg (242 lbs) lighter than the standard model. Other modifications include a stainless steel exhaust system, forged 19-inch alloys, as well as a coil-over sports suspension with adjustable dampers.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

McLaren P1 Hybrid Producing 900HP

McLaren swore that the P1 will the next big thing that had come from them. Instead of having a mighty 6.1L V12 engine like the F1, the P1 is still using the 3.8L twin turbocharged V8 engine from the MP4-12C. For starters, McLaren had fiddled with the twin-turbo V8 engine so that it no longer produces 616-horsepower like how one would find in the 12C, but instead will find a 727-horsepower engine powering the car with optimized cooling and durability. 

Besides that, they had also followed in the hybrid trend and threw in a lightweight electric motor to provide an extra boost for the P1. With a maximum output of 176-horsepower and 192 lb/ft of torque coming out from it, the P1 has a stratospheric 903-horsepower in its disposal. The electric motor will be mounted directly onto the engine, where the combined power of both electric and gasoline motor will be transferred to the rear wheels through a dual-clutch seven-speed transmission. 

Friday, February 15, 2013

Proton Service Center Being Scolded By Unsatified Customer

Here is one video showing that an unsatisfied Proton customer complaining about the bad service provided by Proton Service Center. Basically he complained about the employees did not address to his car issue seriously but simply entertained him with bad attitude. Hope that the higher management or the employees from Proton will start to change a bit of their services after watching this video. Let's enjoy the video after the jump and do comment about it.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Project Celica: Hoping For A New Set of Shoes

First of all, happy Chinese New Year to all that celebrate it and happy holiday for those who not. After a long wait to upgrade my Celica, I plan to have a new set of rim change for it. After considering for more than so many years, there are 2 design of rims wish I wanted to change. One is the rota grid TE37 while the other is the rota fighter CE28. Both definitely need to come with some unusual offset for Toyota Celica. 

 Unfortunately, Toyota had produced Celica with a stupid lug pattern (to me) which is a PCD 5x100. This is a drawback for those who wish to get some nice rims with low budget in Malaysia. You may order them from Japan but it will cost you a bomb in the wallet. However there are some 17" PCD 5x100 with 9jj and +25 offset selling around the local marketplace website. The price is very attractive and thus making me want to get one as well. However mostly come with 17" but what I do really want is a 18". 

Thursday, February 7, 2013

SpeedART SP81-CR based on Porsche Cayman released for Geneva Motor Show

SpeedART, a well known Porsche tuner from Germany has released the first details about the SP81-CR, ahead of its debut at the Geneva Motor Show. The SP81-CR features a sporty body kit that includes a new hood, a front spoiler and carbon fiber accents. Out back there's a new bumper, a rear diffuser and a fixed rear wing. 

Furthermore the model also installed with an adjustable sports suspension, a center-mounted dual exhaust system and 21-inch LSC-FORGED wheels. Besides that, customers have the option to order a bespoke interior with leather and Alcantara upholstery. To further improve the performance, the company will offer tuning packages which will enable the flat six engine to develop 345 HP (254 kW), 360 HP (265 kW) or 400 HP (294 kW).