Sunday, October 27, 2013

Car Modification: All you need to know about Cam Pulleys

Wanted to fine tune your cam and have no idea on what to be done first. Here I compiled some of the information that you may needed in order to get everything done. First of all, you need to know that stock cam pulleys cannot be adjusted. Hence for you to tune your power/torque band, you must need to get an aftermarket adjustable cam pulleys.

However, one might think of why there is a need to adjust the cam pulleys since factory tuned should be the best of all in term of power and reliability. My answer is NO! Different timing is needed for different speed of engine to get the most efficient combustion.The cam pulley can be adjusted to suit the driving style of the driver. The powerband of the engine can be shifted by varying the timing of the valve. After understanding the useful thing provided by adjusting the cam pulley and let's go through how to choose a cam pulley by continue reading...

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Is this TRUE? Honda EX-5 Type R

Here is one of the most important automotive news for all Honda EX-5 lovers. Honda had announced that they will release a Honda EX-5 Type R for their "cub chai" market. Does not have much information about the bike but based on the leaked image, it is equipped with a newly design digital meter, upgraded exhaust system, and 10hp increase compare to the normal version. Stay tune for more information... By the way, my advice is do not take it seriously. LOL