Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Project Kancil: Better Visibility During Night Travel

This is one of my "What to do" for Project Kancil since 2011. You may take a look at my recap here Recapitulation of year 2011. Bought a set of H4 6000K Hi-Low anti glare for my Kancil along side with another 2 sets for my friends. I finally make up my mind to get the HID kit for headlamp instead of fog lamp because I worry that the heat of the HID will melt my fog lamp socket (though HID only outputting 35W).

The price of the HID set is RM175 with postage fee and 1 to 1 exchange claimed by the seller. So hopefully with this warranty will provide some confident to the HID set. However there is a defect for 1 of my friend HID set because one of the bulb is projecting out a blueish color something similar to 8000K color temp while the other is 6000K. Anyway already informed the seller and hopefully can sort out the exchange warranty as soon as possible. 

Luckily my other friend's HID set which he installed to his Proton Persona does not have any problem and the color projected out is exactly 6000K as what we expected. Here are some of the pictures of his car.

And here are the pictures of my friend's defected HID set (From front, left projecting blueish white and right white). During the photo shot, he removed the anti glare kit so please bare with the glaring effect.

Finally here are some pictures of my Kancil. The installation cost is RM30 which I did it at a shop around George Town, Penang. Not sure why there is a little green effect from the headlamp, might be caused by my oxidized headlamp. Thus is time to get a Crystal Headlamp for better overall looking and HID effect. Still pending for night time picture, will update once I capture one.

This is the package I received from the seller.

Credit: Picture credited to both of my friends.

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Hi Ben,
was HID light been approved by JPJ to install at normal car?



Anything that not factory fitted is consider illegal unless you can an approval from Puspakom.


hi its 2016 and i wanna ask, did you still using this hid lamp. did it
still function well