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The Year 2012 In Review

To reword a famous quote, this has been the best of years and the worst of years. When this year started I had made promises to myself on getting my Project Cars done. However, most of my saving had spent on my wedding and later on my newly born baby boy. Thus, I can say that nothing much that I had done to my cars. 

The wedding was planned around the same time when me and my wife traveled to Europe. The important thing at that time was hardly to get a hotel to held for my wedding dinner due to 2012 is the famous zodiac year for all the chinese - Dragon. Dialing calls to several hotels and finally Park Royal had confirmed with us that they were available for my wedding dinner. Sorted out the wedding venue, is time for us to figure out where to have our wedding photos. My wife planned to get it shot in Singapore to save cost in order to travel to else where which may cost more.

My house was ready around July, which means I needed money to pay off the lawyer transaction fee and renovation fees. Have not think on how to and what to renovate yet but already got the wiring man and plaster ceiling constructor to give me the quote.

End of the year, my wife gave birth to our first child. Oh, besides that both my Shih Tzu had their first baby as well. Having into car modification for about 10 years, is it time for me to plan for something else other than car. This time I planned to move on to bike which I posted earlier. Thinking of getting a Yamaha sport bike if money and honey approve it.

This year of 2013 is already here, hope everything will be great. And hopefully I am able to heal my knee which I injured a week earlier which set me off for a week to rest my knee and this is why I have time to update my blog. By the way, I hurt my knee during a basketball match. The MRI report showed that I had torn my ACL and meniscus which probably need to have a surgery to re-construct my knee in order to back to sport. However I still hope that I can get it done with some physiotherapy.

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