Friday, February 24, 2012

Malaysia Automotive News: Proton P3-21A full photo leaked

The following are the 2 photos of the latest Proton P3-21A. The first photo shows the size of the P3-21A which clearly know that the size is slightly bigger than other cars in segment C. While the second photo shows the rear of the P3-21A. This time the rear photo is shown without any camouflage covering around with a nice side angle compare to those previous photos shown before. 

Honda Civic Next Generation Touring Car

Honda has released the first pictures of the Civic Next Generation Touring Car (NGTC). Currently undergoing testing, the model is based on the Euro-spec Civic and will compete in the British Touring Car Championship. The company declined to go into specifics, but the car features an aggressive body kit, a side-mounted exhaust and a prominent rear spoiler. We can also see a roll cage and Dunlop tires.

According to driver and triple-BTCC champion Matt Neal, "It will be interesting to see how the car performs, but I'm optimistic that we'll walk away from today confident we have a championship winning car."

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Malaysia Automotive News: The mystery behind the black box from Proton

Finally the mystery of the black box is officially launched at Lot 10, Bukit Bintang. Actually this is not the latest model where a lot of people think it is the P3-21A but insteard of a Proton Inspira YES 4G special edition . This is the first 4G internet car in Malaysia. The car is equipped with YES 4G sticker theme and all the windscreens are tinted to titanium black. The car now sit on a set of 18 inch alloy rim. Besides that, it came along with 3 iPad 2 WIFI and YES Huddle 4G mobile hotspot. A set of Bluetooth Sony player is installed to the car for better entertainment. 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Malaysia Automotive News: Proton P3-21A range between RM60-70K - Berita Harian

This is a good news for those who interested in Proton P3-21A. According toe Berita Harian, Proton will launch their all new model Proton P3-21A around mid of the month. The price will be tagged at between RM60k till RM70k per unit.

With this reasonable price offered by Proton, this will definitely increase the interested of a lot of Malaysia citizen who wish to buy Proton cars. Besides that, the name for Proton P3-21A already being fixed by Proton and just waiting for official announcement. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Malaysia Automotive News: Proton P3-21A Full Photo Leak

Here is the photo of the all new Proton P3-21A. Some lucky one able to capture a photo of the P3-21A during the shooting of TV advertisement and this might be the final design of the P3-21A. By the way, congratulation to the lucky one who able to see this car without any "camouflage" on it and the car look cool and sporty. Besides that, congratulation to Proton, where they able to create a nice and and I can't wait to see it in live.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Proton Saga Iswara Station Wagon

From the previous post, I had posted a modified Proton Saga convertible. And now I would like to post up another unique modification based on a Proton Saga Iswara whereby the owner of the car had converted it to a station wagon.Or a Mitsubishi Fiore station wagon converted with a front Proton Iswara. What is station wagon? For those who not familiar with it, here is the definition of station wagon. A station wagon is a body style variant of a sedan/saloon with its roof extended rearward over a shared passenger/cargo volume with access at the back via a third or fifth door, instead of a trunk lid. The body style transforms a standard three-box design into a two-box design—to include an A, B and C-pillar, as well as a D pillar. Station wagons feature flexibility to allow configurations that either favor passenger or cargo volume, e.g., fold-down rear seats.

If this is a Proton Iswara, the owner done a brilliant job to convert his/her car to a station wagon from a normal sedan. It could be useful for those who need extra space for their cars. However, will this able to pass the law enforcement? This will be another story to tell for...

Friday, February 10, 2012

Proton Saga Convertible Limited Edition

What is so call a convertible car? A convertible is a type of automobile in which the roof can retract and fold away having windows which wind-down inside the doors, converting it from an enclosed to an open-air vehicle. Open cars may have a folding roof but only detachable sidescreens which snap-on, they do not convert into a fully enclosed car with proper weather-protection. The wind-up windows make the distinction between an open car and an all-weather car now known as a convertible. 

 As everyone knows that convertibles are luxury because they are more expensive to build than closed cars, the matching sedans or saloons. However the saga over here is cheaper in term of building it as that is no folding roof attached to it. Besides that, you just need a chainsaw to cut off the roof. You can have it done within a few hours. Anyway, here is a good example of doing it.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Project Kancil: Suspension Upgrade and Lamp Polish

While waiting for some updates from my Celica, let's have a look at what have I done to my Kancil. Previously I had installed a set of lowered spring to it and have not really review the photos which the spring attached. The car lowered more than what the spring advertisement stated (30mm to be exact). It made the car sit lower like around 2 inches (approximately 50mm). Thus, the car now is around an inch clear between the fender and wheel and this is what I want to have in my mind. However, the comfortability of the car decreased and seriously very "bumpy" when driving on uneven road. Anyway, I understand that there is a trade off for looks, handling and comfortability. 

Besides that, do polish and clear up the rear bumper's brake lamp. I understand that there is no way to make it looks like new but at least make it look better. Therefore I planned to polish it and clear up all the dirt built inside the lamp. As you can see at the following photos, those dirt I mentioned earlier was mud. This is the end result of not cleaning the car frequently and park it beside of an on going construction site.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Project Celica: On Flatbed Tow Truck

There is a engine stall problem as what I posted earlier here. Finally I got my Celica towed to the workshop to get it fix yesterday. Called the tow truck service and I insisted to get the flatbed tow truck instead of those normal tow truck since I am worry about breaking my bodykit. Sad when looking my car on the tow truck and I really hope the car can be fixed without burning my deep hole in my pocket. Lesson learned from this is don't ever park your car there for months and at least do start the engine and warm it up. Stay tune with me for the update. By the way, I got my car towed for RM150 from Bayan Lepas to Pulau Tikus, Penang. Not pretty sure how much is the market price but at least the price is quite reasonable for me. By the way, if you wish to get the contact for this tow truck company; do drop me a comment of message. While waiting for the update, do enjoy some of the pictures I took during the towing process.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Project Satria: Bumper Spring Lock Installed and Engine Miss Firing Problem

Back to my home town and finally got the bumper spring lock installed. This is help to "stick" the bumper to the chassis in case I run into any pot holea on the road. However here is another bad tragedy for year 2012.As what I previously posted what happen to my Celica here, this is another sad story about my Satria. This happen on 21st Jan 2012 where I already reached my home town and started to inspect my Satria. Tried to start the car, good news! I were able to start it but hold on a second, why the car sound like a boxer engine? Popped up the hood and started to check around, looks like it was having a miss firing some where. 

Without any hesitation, drove my car to the nearest mechanic that is available to have it a check. After some inspection, he told me that most probably was the cable plug causing the problem. Thus, I drove all the way to get a set of it and then installed but my Satria still giving me the same problem. I doubt is the distributor giving me this problem. I still have yet send the car to repair since I already back to Penang. So, please stay with me and I will try to update the progress and hopefully it may help those who face the similar problem like me.