Sunday, October 28, 2012

Project Satria: Engine "Popping" Problem

Thing seriously does not work well for me this second half of 2012. My Kancil's boost meter had gave me up and started to provide me inaccurate reading. The second problem is my Satria's engine is giving me weird problem which I cracked my head trying to solve it.

The engine and exhaust kept having "popping" sound, which something similar to those Subaru's boxer engine. At first, I thought it was the ignition cable and spark plug causing the issue. Which causing the engine to miss-fire and one of the piston does not working but this is not the true story. Thus during these holidays, I tried to swap back all my parts to stock parts which included turbo, exhaust manifold, throttle, ignition cables and even the ECU. However with all these changes, the problem still exist.

Then I checked with my boost meter, the meter's needle flowed around. Based on that might be the ignition timing causing problem. Still need some time to figure out what is the problem and once I know the root cause then will send it to the garage to repair it and might overhaul it. By the way, if you know what is the problem, do drop me an email. Thanks in advanced. And here are both the videos of my exhaust sound and boost meter.

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my friend faced similar problem with u, turns out that its the distributor.

Hi Mazlan,

Thanks for the advice. Will try to get it done before Chinese New Year.


well ben. i have a 03 satria and am currently fitting a 4g93t. can you help with wiring it into the proton???

Hi Noggy,

Basically, mechanic will just take over the entire 4G93T wiring and install to your Satria. There is no need mix and match to your current Proton wiring.


cheers ben but my problem is the guy that took out the gsr loom cut it at the fews box and going by the look of it the proron altenator etc are wired after the fews box not befor like the gsr

Hi Noggy,

What I can advise over here is to try every single wiring on both your car and the engine. Then tap them together.