Saturday, September 29, 2012

4G92 MIVEC - Gearbox Codes, Ratios and factory LSD

MIVEC Gear Ratios
1 - 3.071
2 - 1.947
3 - 1.379
4 - 1.030
5 - 0.820
R - 3.363
F - 4.625
1 - 3.083
2 - 1.947
3 - 1.285
4 - 0.939
5 - 0.756
R - 3.083
F - 4.592

Factory LSD models for CA4A


Without LSD
XRZE (MD970428)
XRXE (MD971902)
XREE (MD971904)

With LSD
XRWE (LSD) (MD970429)
XRGE (LSD) (MD971903)

Factory LSD models for CJ4A


Without LSD
Y8A (MD974481)
Y8A4 (MD974830)
Y8A6 (MD975130)
Y8A7 (MD975670)
Y8AB (MD975674)
Y8AD (MD975676)
Y8AE (MD976272)
Y8AJ (MD976276)
Y8AL (MD976278)

With LSD
Y8A1 (LSD) (MD974482)
Y8A5 (LSD) (MD974831)
Y8A8 (LSD) (MD975671)
Y8AC (LSD) (MD975675)
Y8AF (LSD) (MD976273)
Y8AK (LSD) (MD976277)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The New Renault Clio 4

French designers described this car as the first complete "expression" of design renaissance from Renault models. The new Clio is clearly inspired by the concept DeZir. This is seen especially in the front, where the grid "borrows" the same language as the concept image. For the first time on this model we have daytime running lights with LED technology receiving integrated rear door handles. Compared with the version that it replaces, the new Renault Clio has a dynamic air due to a lower ground guards, a greater width, lower front and rear console, and the wheels are pushed over to the outer edge of the wings. 

When the car is available for sale, it will offer customers a choice of eight exterior colors, including Flamme Red. Inside, the interior has been seriously improved, according to a press release provided by Renault, quality materials and finishes are far superior to the model that it replaces. With the replacement looming, it is expected that you will find some good Renault Clio finance deals because the older generations will start losing value.