Sunday, June 19, 2011

Malaysia Automotive News: A crash during super GT in Sepang International Circuit

A sad tragedy happen during the Super GT event this year. My comment is don't drive fast even you are driving a super car. The brakes do not work well for a short distance emergency braking. Pity to those super cars owners.

One thing I noticed that the crowd were very happy seeing this incident happen. LOL! Continue for more videos.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Malaysia Automotive News: New Perodua Myvi Lauched

Finally after a long wait, Perodua had launched out their all new Perodua Myvi.  The are several changes that had done to the car where Perodua had redesigned the front and rear. The front lamp now came with projector headlamp compare to the previous design. Besides that, the rear lamp also came with a new LED design. Back into the cockpit, a newly design dashboard had been fitted to the car. To me, this newly designed dashboard is very stylish compare to the old model. The meter had changed from a dull design to a newly nice designed as well. The location of the gear knob had shifted from on the ground to the dashboard area. 

For the engine performance, Perodua announced that they will equipped two types of engines. The first type of engine is the 1.3L engine which currently equipped in the old model. While the other engine will be the 1.5L engine. However there is not much news about the 1.5L engine and the current launched model only equipped with the 1.3L engine. I believe the 1.5L model will be using the same engine as what had been equipped to the Perodua Alza. Continue reading to know how much for this  new Perodua Myvi.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Project Satria: Radiator Silicone Hose Installation

It is been awhile that I do not update my blog and finally I managed to squish out a little time from my busy schedule to update a post about the installation of radiator silicone hose to my Satria.
As I mentioned earlier in the post here, my radiator hoses are not in good condition and I do not want to give it a chance to leak or burst. Try imagine if both the hoses leak or burst when I driving on the highway, what would happen? First, engine will overheats. Then need to get my Satria tow back to the workshop which I believe the charges will be unreasonable (damn expensive).

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Short Shifters: Shorter Is Always Better

A short shifter is a modification of the manual transmissions' gear stick. The modification is done by changing the existing gear stick to an aftermarket bolt-on replacement part as it has a different leverage; changing gears would therefore be slightly heavier. The desired effect of a short shifter is to reduce the distance your hand needs to mechanically engage the next gear, thus reducing the amount of time spent shifting. This would reduce wasted time between shits while you're accelerating and decelerating, thus improving performance.

A lot of people mistakenly believe that a short shifter is just a chopped off version of the stock gear stick where it has no effect on the angle that your shifter shaft travels through between gears and therefore does not reduce the shifter's angular throw. In fact, any gear stick and engineered short shifters are carefully constructed so that each upper throw corresponds and synchs with what's going on inside the transmission.