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Recapitulation of year 2011

Well, let’s recap what had hit me during 2011. The biggest achievement of the year was my Master degree graduation which was held in England and did visit to Europe during the trip to my convocation. Pretty nice trip I have to say although most of my project cars’ fund had been spent during this trip. Thus there are not much updates for my project cars. Sigh… The only person who benefit from this is my fiancée who finally able to get to Paris, France and get herself some handbags. Besides that, went to Singapore for another holiday vacation. Not a very long trip but was a pretty nice.

What I have done to my project cars thus far. Still stick with the idea where my project Kancil is the main focus for this year. Done quite some modifications to project Kancil but yet to complete the entire lists which I set it earlier for the year 0f 2011. Anyway, let’s check with the list now and see how far the things go.
  •  Get a 850cc Kancil's side mirror - Yet to achieve. Nowadays manual side mirror cost about RM100 per pair, so wondering whether will go for electric side mirror which cost about RM200-250.  
  • Get my mira L2's side skirt installPartially achieved. Already got the side skirt but pending for installation.
  • Mira L2s rear lamp – Achieved. Got it installed and it fitted nicely to the car.
  • Install a pair of HID for my fog lamp - Yet to achieve. Still looking for a better brand with affordable price.
  • Install a boost meterAchieved. Installed a replica Defi boost meter which until now still work perfectly as some others may question about the reliability of a replica meter.
  •  Install a Head Unit - Achieved. Got myself a player which supports mp3/CD, USB, AUX and SD card.
  • Change to a better car security alarm system - Yet to achieve. Plan to get an alarm which it is embedded to the key. Something like those new cars has. 
  • APM performax spring Achieved. Installed successfully and it does improve handling and the looks of the car but the car is not as comfort as before.
  • Get some new tyres - Achieved. 165/60/13 way better in handling. Still does not encounter anything bad in term of this upgrade.
  •  Change the color of the car - Yet to achieve. Let’s see whether I can make it before Chinese New Year.

For my project Satria, nothing much I was able to achieve this year. Sigh…
  • Silicone hose all aroundAchieved. Now no more worry about the radiator hose leakage in the future. Besides that, intercooler hoses were replaced to prevent leakage as well.
  • Change the turbo extractorYet to achieve. No extra fund for this.
  •  Projector headlamp with HID - Yet to achieve. Again, there is no fund for this to be done this year.
  •  Adjustable suspension - Yet to achieve. Again, there is no fund for this to be done this year.
  • Carbon fiber plug cover - Achieved. The fund already made its way to better plug cable.
  • Paint - Yet to achieve. Planned to do it with project Kancil.
My project Celica is having the same fate with my project Satria. Thus you may expect nothing is done to the car as well.
  • Turbo kitPartially achieved. The intercooler piping is half way through. However got to know that there is a guy hires by M-Power who claimed he is able to tune Apexi Power FC.

I will judge project Kancil’s achievement based on the following mark.

Yet to achieve = 0
Partially achieve = 0.5
Archived = 1

The judgement is getting at least half of the possible points in order to pass the project.

Project Kancil: Getting 5.5 out of 10 possible points. So this considers passing the border line.
Project Satria: Getting 2 out of 6 possible points. This is failing.
Project Celica: Getting 0.5 out of 1 possible point. So this still consider passed.

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