Monday, September 5, 2011

DIY: Installation of FICD for Better Idling after Aircond ON

Ever experienced engine stall with air-conditioner on when you car slow down? What happen if you are at the moment of turning into a junction and opposite car is coming? I believe that your heart will pounding rapidly. Why this happen? This is because your engine idling is not idle stably. Thus, in order to solve this in a cheap way, FICD is the hope for you.

FICD is a little device that will help you with this problem. The concept is, this device will allow vacuum leak by allowing more air into intake manifold hence engine have enough air and wont stall. Its also stabilize idle and drive will feel a little bit lighter with a/c on. For the one who familiar with valves, FICD is simply a solenoid valve. Continue to read the entire post so that you can have a better understanding on how to DIY by yourself and this may save you up some bucks for the installation fee.

I always believe that a picture worth a thousand words. Therefore I will always prepare a picture for my DIY post. This is to make you understand easily.

The red point there is the joining point of the vacuum pipe to the FICD. However for the other vacuum point of the FICD, you can either install a small air filter which named as B or direct a pipe to the return oil pipe named as A. Both will work fine for you.

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Hi Ben,

My engine is a 4AGE Blacktop. Can I install this FICD on the "A" side of your diagram?

At the moment I'm using an open pod air filter so the hose connection between the head and air filter ram has been removed. I covered the air hole on the left side of the head with a small air filter.


Hi Epul,

It is advisable to install at the vacuum hose where it will connect to the throttle body.


Hi Ben,

I dont think my blacktop has the outlet on the right side of the head like portrayed in your diagram.

Hi ePuL,

If you can't get 1 like the diagram. Try to locate a vacuum hose from your throttle body.


For FICD, there is 2 wire, which one +ve and -ve. But from the picture i believe black is -ve and red is +ve. I have bought one FICD, the wire color is different, one is blank stripe pink and the other one pink stripe black. Any problem if we interchange the wire connection?

Hi Mazrul,

The worst case is you will burn your FICD.


hi ben my engine is 4g13 carb, which part of the compressor is the positive terminal where i can connect the +ve wire of the valve? thanks

Hi bhudutz,

There is a wire from your compressor. You can connect the +ve wire to it.


Greetings Ben,

May i know how much the price for the FIDC?
and where can i buy it?


Hi Bil,

It cost you about RM40-50 for a Toyota FICD. You may try out


Hi ben NOOB question.

Can i put FICD on a 4g32 engine?

Hi Tenth,

Yes, you can fit it to 4G32.


how about with naza citra can i install the ficd too ??

Hi Eric, KuTek,

Yes, you may install it to your car.


hows the performance? is it make the rpm higher or stable when aircond ON(means that the rpm is the same with aircond OFF)?


Hi Mann,

It will make your idling higher around 1k rpm and stabilize it


Hi Ben,

i`m using 4G13, with carburetor.. can you provide a better pic diagram?? im noob here...

Hi Sanee,

I do not have the diagram for that but you may connect the vacuum hose from carb.


Hi bro ,

If injection engine have to pull positive wire from battery?

Hi bro,

Just want to bring up old post since I'm a bit confused, can I know whether it is working on 4g13 VDO injection? I am using satria 1.3 now.

I personally experience idling problem with wira 1.6 auto 4g91 engine. This ficd method is ok but didn't solve my real problem. The real culprit is the egr valve is blocked by carbon and continuesly in open conditions. You should try to service the egr valve. Can diy.

Hi.. i used 4g13.. normally my rpm 800-900 without aircond.. when i switch on air cond .. my rpm drop to 200-300.. can ficd control the rpm with same condition with and without air cond.. can u display me detail how to fix the ficd cleary.. thank u