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Europe Trip: Day 8-10 England

England was the final destination for us and was the main purpose for me to visit this Europe trip - my Master convocation. We started our journey from Paris to London by Europe Star. When we reached St.Pancras, we took a train to Leicester where my University located. When we finally settled there, it was around evening. Nothing much for we did for the first day in Leicester but just got our dinner and shop around. Good news for me was, sport shoes over there are pretty cheap; for instant a NIKE basketball shoes just cost you about 30 pounds.

The next day was my convocation and I do not want to talk much about it. Just some ceremony, walked up the stage, took graduation photos, this and that. After done with my convocation, it was time for us to go back to London. Hohoho...

Back to London, first thing we did was going to the Big Ben and London Eye. Then we went to the museum, can't really remember the name but quite big and nice compare to our Malaysia's museum. Then to Buckingham Palace watching the Queen's Guard Band matching to Buckingham Palace for the changing of the guard. Next was the Tower Bridge and passed by London Bridge. However, we did not take any photo in London Bridge as to me it is just a very normal bridge compare to the Tower Bridge. OK, I will stop the crap here and let the photos to do the talking.

My Master convocation at University of Leicester.

London tour: Natural History Museum

Imperial College, rank 5th in Europe University.

London tour: Buckingham Palace Queen's Guard Changing

London tour: Big Ben

London tour: Tower Bridge

London tour: London Eye

London tour: Memorial of Princess Diana

London tour: China Town Day and Night view

London tour: London airport. Is time to fly back to Malaysia and back to working life. Sigh... Waiting for VAT refund at London airport for those LV and Longchamp handbags. Crowded with people and waited for more than 2 hours. Shit!

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Anonymous said...


How much you spent for the whole trip?

Ben said...


It cost me about RM25k exclude shopping bill.


Anonymous said...

wow... that's is a big amount.