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Europe Trip: Day 6-7 France

We reached day 6 and we were in Paris, France. My fiancee was the most excited one because Paris is the birth place of her favorite handbag brand - Louis Vuitton. She just couldn't wait to shop for the LV bags and this was the main purpose of the entire trip for her. Anyway I were amazed by the building over here. Very nice heritage buildings around Paris. When we visited Paris it was on 12 of July which 2 days before the National day of France. But unfortunately, we needed to make a move on the next day which to me this was pretty wasted where we can't really enjoyed the culture and how the French celebrate their national day.

First shopping complex we dropped by was the Galerie Lafayette. Damn crowded and I hated it most because we need to queue up in order to enter the LV, Gucci and Longchamp stores and most important was it was a very long queue which took us more than half an hour just to queue up to enter each of the stores. Anyway, my fiancee was pretty happy that she was able to buy what she wanted while I be the boring guy just waiting there. Sigh...

Then we had our lunch and went for a city tour. Visited quite a number of places for example: the triumphal arch in France. Of cause, we got another boat tour in Paris. Pretty enjoying and it was quite similar to the boat tour we took in Amsterdam.

Gift from Egypt.

After a whole day of city tour, it was time for us to have our dinner and have a look at what we took... SNAIL!!! Anyway after the dinner, we called it a day.
What we bought on the first day.

The next day, shopping yet again but this time is at the main LV store in Paris. Still crowded but it was better compare to the store in Galerie Lafayette and here is the photo we took just right outside of the outlet.
Then... Paris Eiffel Tower.

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