Tuesday, August 23, 2011

DIY: Repair Perodua Myvi/Viva Brake Caliper Noise

This post is dedicated for those older version of Perodua Myvi and Perodua Viva. As a lot of Myvi and Viva owners always complain that their brake calipers keep giving out annoying noise when driving on an uneven road surface. This does not happen for those newer Perodua Myvi and Perodua Alza. So what is root cause of this entire problem? The actual root cause is because of the loosen caliper pin. This can be easily repair can does not need to change the entire new brake calipers according to certain mechanics.

Over here, I would like to share the Do It Yourself(DIY) repair steps to overcome the problem. This is not my own DIY but instead of someone expert which good and kind enough to share this. With this DIY, I believe you can save up some bucks to send your car to workshop to get the annoying noise away.

First of all, remove the tyres. Then unscrew the bolt caliper pin by using a wrench.

Open up the brake caliper.

Take out the caliper pin.

Wrap it with the white tape. 2 layers for the top part

And then 3 layers for the bottom part.

Attach the rubber for the caliper pin. Make sure that the rubber is fit nicely. Before fixing it back, please ensure to apply grease on the caliper pin so that it will not jam up.

Attach the brake caliper and you are ready to roll.

Credit to: JER2921

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hi ben,
does this diy apply to all cars? i noticed a friction sound at the starts when i apply the brake?just at the starts


Yes, this apply to other cars as well


Is that a thread seal Teflon tape (plumber's tape)? I think this solution over the caliper guide pin's line threads can only work temporarily as the tape commonly found in DIY shops is only designed to withstand temperature range between -450F (-267C) to +550F (287C). Brake temperature usually exceeds the upper limit range of this tape which is around 400C-600C. Probably, it is better to apply enough high-temperature grease all over each pin which mechanics always lazy to do to avoid the noise. A long term solution is to check with Perodua on its caliper guide pin's diameter that is best to solve the problem.

Ok, I've checked the caliper temperature from Internet...its hot temp ranges between 200-220C. So, I think it is OK to use the Teflon tape.


Yes. That's why this is the cheapest way to solve this issue. Anyway, it is advisable to change the faulty part from Perodua.


[Attach the rubber for the caliper pin. Make sure that the rubber is fit nicely. Before fixing it back, please ensure to apply grease on the caliper pin so that it will not jam up]

-What kind of rubber ya? (red colour right?)

Hi Unknown,

Not the red color. The red color is the grease. It is at the left side of the pin. The black color rubber.


i seen a lot pin with wrapping the teflon tape....but the noise still will come bac soon....
nowsaday got other remedy too.....as i know in kl got 1 workshop name jackie chan workshop(if i not mistaken), they modify the ori pin n fit it with a rubber o-ring....


Thanks for the sharing. By the way, do you have the picture of the modified pin and rubber o-ring?


Hi Ben,

Any guidance on how to check the brake pad (or related probs). cause mine's probs now is my disc brake makes a sound when moving.. is the brake pad need change?


Hi Mann,

Most probably your brake pad already wear out and now your disc is hitting the warning metal at your brake pad.


Hi all...if u wanna stop this caliper problem u need to change to honda accord brake pads...all set...i think about rm1000...

Change new bolts and greased it with hi-temp or copper-based grease before reinstalling is the long term solution~

according to perodua , they have a solution to this. a shim kit costing $160++ (labour no included). not sure if it works. owner with less than 5year old car get it change for free.
e-mail perodua about this , why owner with more than 5year need to pay (may be pay 50%) when it is a manufacturing defect. Onwer suffer. No reply from perodua on this until today.