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Europe Trip: Day 2 Switzerland and Germany

As from previous post, the first day of my Europe trip was visiting to Switzerland. So now is time for the day 2 trip. On the way going to Germany, we stopped by to Rhine river to pay a visit there. What I would like to say is the scene over there is very nice and you will never find something like this in Malaysia.

Then we moved to Germany to visit the Black Forest. Never really went down into the forest as the tour guide said that one will get lost if go into the forest. Then we went to visit the cuckoo clock manufacturer and have out knuckle meal over there.

Nice view at the Rhine river.

On the way to Germany. Nice view right? Do you feel something familiar for those who using Windows XP?

Black Forest.

Cuckoo clock manufacturer and Cuckoo clocks displaying on the wall.

Knuckle meal and Black forest cake. The cake was very nice but nothing special for the knuckle meal.

Can't really remember what does this call but this is a nice castle.

Nice beer!!! For those who like beer, you must try this out.

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