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Europe Trip: Day 1 Switzerland

Miss action for almost 3 weeks, now is time for me to update a bit of my blog. Anyway the content of this post and the next few post will not be talking about cars but just some sharing of my Europe trip for the last 2 weeks.

The main purpose for this Europe trip was to attend my Master convocation at University of Leicester in England. After calculated the amount needed for the trip to England did not really had a big different compare to the Europe trip suggested by my colleague, thus at the end I got the package to travel to several countries in Europe.

The trip took place from 6th of July until 18th of July. The amount I spent did not really expensive and the travel agent is pretty good I can say. Anyway the first stop in Europe was at Switzerland as stated in the title. 

Reached Zurich airport.

My fiancee photo at the airport.

The first place that I visited was the Mount Titlis. Went up there using the cable car and I would say that this is a nice mountain. Although it was summer during the time I visited, I still able to see snow everywhere.

Me and my fiancee.

And this is me.

Next, visited the Lion Monument. 


Lucerne town area.

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Anonymous said...

welcome back ;)

no wonder u're replying slow lately =p


Ben said...

Hi rhen,

Yaya, I'm back. How is your car doing?