Tuesday, July 5, 2011

DIY: Remove speed cut for Daihatsu Mira L200/L200s

Ok guys, I believe a lot of Daihatsu Mira L200/L200s owner would like to have this done - remove the speed cut for their cars. I came across a pretty nice DIY from the net and I would like to share this information with you guys out there. Actually the process of the modification is pretty straight forward where there is no fancy wiring needed. Continue to read the entire post so that you can have a better understanding on how to DIY by yourself and this may save you up some bucks for the installation fee.

First, open up the drawer and then try to locate the ECU.

Plug out the ECU connector.

Try to locate the green wire and then cut the wire.

If you wish to control the speed cut then you need to connect this to a ON/OFF switch. The concept is when the switch is OFF the wire is connected while the switch is ON then the wire is not connected. With this, you will able to control the speed cut function by a switch.

Here is the final result of the installation/modification. Add in some stickers so that it looks like you got something serious in your car, just like having NOS!!!

Source: nazridaim via kcarlife

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which green? light green or dark green? confused ma....

I think its the light green wire as in the first picture. Good writeup.

Hi boy,

It is almost the same as long as you able to find out the speed wire for JBJL.


I have a JB-JL and I wish to do this but how do I find out which wire, how did you figure out this problem,?

Hi Mr.P,

Try to locate the speed wire. You can get from JBJL wiring diagram. Then just follow the instructions.


hi ben..i need some help..may i know the pinout of O2 sensor on l2s ECU? can u email me the diagram or picture?

is there any idling issues after you done this?

Hi, There is no idle issue observed thus far.


Hi bro
Thanks for de info ....
And wer can i get JBJL engine diagram and engine spec for overhaul reason

Hi Sugumaran,

Please email me so that I can send you the diagram.


hi ben if u dont can u mail me ecu l2s na 2pin ive beensearch so far dint found it tq... eddy890416@gmail.com tq

hi ben....i just convert l9 cable type speedo meter to l9 rs sensor type speedo meter....but i have problem with the wiring. Do you have speedo meter for both model? TQ....

Hello ben. Can i use this mod with viva na engine? Thanks.

Hi ben,can u email me how to install that wiper control swicth..i have similar switch but i can't make it to work..hopefully u read and response too this comment..thanks.. here is my email iamzainuree@gmail.com