Sunday, July 31, 2011

Europe Trip: Day 4 Netherlands

Visited Netherlands on the following day 4. We did not visit many place as only Amsterdam already got a lot of nice places for us to pay a visit. Had another boat tour at the Amsterdam river and yes this was nicer because of the weather was cooler compare to Germany. Besides that, the nicest place for a guy to visit was the "Red Light Street". As you may know off, prostitution is legal in Netherlands. Thus, for those who wish to make a deal over there no need to worry about the police. And the tour guide told us that the standard price of a deal cost around 50 euro.

Then we visited some other famous MUST visit place in Netherlands which were the Windmill, Clog shoes and Cheese factory. Tested the cheese and it made me can't resisted to buy some cheese and clog shoes. Anyway I know that clog shoes doesn't serve any purpose in our daily life here in Malaysia. In short, I am just wasting my money. The last place we visited was the diamond factory in Netherlands. Why? This is because Netherlands is famous of the diamond-polishing technique.

Europe Trip: Day 3 Germany

Third day of the trip and we were still in Germany. There were 2 activities which were the boat scene and the visiting the Koln. Not pretty sure how much does the boat ticket charge as this was included in the trip itinerary but my comment is this is not very nice when you are having it under a big hot sun.

Then we visited the Koln better known as Cologne in English. Cologne is Germany's fourth-largest city and is located on both sides of the Rhine River. Since we visited Cologne, we definitely never missed the opportunity to visit the Cologne Cathedral. Some history of Cologne Cathedral - Construction of Cologne Cathedral began in 1248 and took, with interruptions, until 1880 to complete. It is 144.5 meters long, 86.5 m wide and its towers are approximately 157 m tall. This is a very nice building and please do pay a visit if you got the chance to visit Cologne.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Europe Trip: Day 2 Switzerland and Germany

As from previous post, the first day of my Europe trip was visiting to Switzerland. So now is time for the day 2 trip. On the way going to Germany, we stopped by to Rhine river to pay a visit there. What I would like to say is the scene over there is very nice and you will never find something like this in Malaysia.

Then we moved to Germany to visit the Black Forest. Never really went down into the forest as the tour guide said that one will get lost if go into the forest. Then we went to visit the cuckoo clock manufacturer and have out knuckle meal over there.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Europe Trip: Day 1 Switzerland

Miss action for almost 3 weeks, now is time for me to update a bit of my blog. Anyway the content of this post and the next few post will not be talking about cars but just some sharing of my Europe trip for the last 2 weeks.

The main purpose for this Europe trip was to attend my Master convocation at University of Leicester in England. After calculated the amount needed for the trip to England did not really had a big different compare to the Europe trip suggested by my colleague, thus at the end I got the package to travel to several countries in Europe.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

DIY: Remove speed cut for Daihatsu Mira L200/L200s

Ok guys, I believe a lot of Daihatsu Mira L200/L200s owner would like to have this done - remove the speed cut for their cars. I came across a pretty nice DIY from the net and I would like to share this information with you guys out there. Actually the process of the modification is pretty straight forward where there is no fancy wiring needed. Continue to read the entire post so that you can have a better understanding on how to DIY by yourself and this may save you up some bucks for the installation fee.