Monday, May 9, 2011

Honda Civic EK with an insane heart

Although I do not own a Honda machine but this nicely done Honda Civic EK make me can't resist to post it. Why I say this is a nicely done Honda Civic EK and can't resist to post it here? This is because the car is equipped with a 3.2L J32 engine. Let me say it again, a 3.2L in a Honda Civic EK. This is a serious modification and is not a child's play.

I do not have much information about the car but the owner from Canada has made this conversion nice and clean. The engine fitted nicely into the Civic EK engine bay and it looks like the original from factory.

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wow.. is it even illegal in Canada to do that kind of conversion?


Hi Syazrul,

I am not pretty sure whether this is legal in Canada but for sure this is illegal in Malaysia. :P

Wish the Malaysian Transport Department(JPJ/PUSPAKOM) not to harsh on rules on veicle modification.....