Monday, March 28, 2011

Project Kancil: Replica Defi Boost Meter Installation

After I done my L5 conversion to my Kancil, I have been driving it without boost meter for almost half a year. You may wonder what is "Boost Meter" and it's usage? I had posted a "What is Boost Meter" post previously here. You may read the post to have more understanding on it. Anyway, I got this gadget from P44 autoworks. If you wish to have one, you may contact them. The price I would like to keep secret but I can ensure you that it is cheap.

So why I am getting a replica meter instead of the original from Defi? First of all, I do not want to waste too much for my Kancil as the car is always park along the road side and if bad thing happen; I won't lost too much. Worry about the accuracy of this replica boost meter? I can say no need to worry much because after using it for a week plus, the meter has no sign of  giving up. The reading is quite accurate as well because the original boost level for Mira L5 is around 0.6 x100kpa. Anyway I will stop here and share with you guys the installation steps of the boost meter, hope this can help those who like to DIY. And of course, you may save up some bucks from the installation fee.

Basic tools:
1. Wire Cutter
2. Blacktape
3. Screw Driver
4. Test lamp

For a basic boost meter installation, the wiring codes are as below:
1. Connect Red (meter) to power supply +12V
2. Connect Black (meter) to Ground 
3. Connect White (meter) to +12V, if you wish to have white scale.
4. Connect Yellow (meter) to +12V, if you wish to have blue scale. 
5. Connect White (meter) to +12V and Yellow (meter) to parking lamp, if you wish to have white scale during day time and blue scale during night time.
6. Connect Yellow (meter) to +12V and White (meter) to parking lamp, if you wish to have blue scale during day time and white scale during night time.

For a basic boost sensor installation, the wiring codes are as below:
1. Connect Red (sensor) to power supply +12V
2. Connect Black (sensor) to Ground 
3. Connect Yellow (sensor) to meter for sensor signal

Just like all my DIY posts, I will always attached a picture for better understanding and here you go.

Here are some of the pictures after the boost meter installed.

Wonder where I placed my boost sensor? Here you go, I placed it under the dashboard and tied with cable tie to ensure it is nicely attached.

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Hi Ben,

Thumbs up again for DIY expert BEN !! :-)

I need your help on troubleshooting the cigarette lighter socket for Kelisa..

And do you know how to DIY the lights on buzzer for old Saga? In case we forget to turn off the car lights..



All you need is a simple circuit tester. Place or attach the clip end of your test light to the outer frame of the socket. And then take the long pointed end of the tester and stick it all the way into the socket until it touches the back. If the circuit tester light up, means your socket is functioning.

Light Buzzer. Get a buzzer then tap the +ve to the wires has 12 Volts on when the headlights ON. Then the -ve to ground. I will post up the diagram for this. Please stay with me.

yes bro...penyangak memang ramai..just happen to me n i lost the original defi meter...but the stupid they are the lucky i am(even it is not so lucky)...they did not found my controller(because it hidden at somewhere in my car)..the question is; can the imitation defi meter connect to original controller?wonder to know.thanks..


Sorry to say that the imitation defi meter does not work with the original controller.


i want to comfirm if apexi boost meter same wiring drawing or not


Sorry to say that it is not the same.


do i need to give power to the boost sensor?

just want to ask...i just buyed turbo boost sensor..wonder the hose plug in to actuator or turbo..because now im using tulang ikan...