Sunday, February 27, 2011

DIY: Daihatsu Mira L700/L900 and Kelisa/Kenari Side Mirror Wiring

Another post for side mirror wiring but this time is how to install the Mira L700/Move L900 side-mirror. Perodua Kelisa and Kenari already came with a electric adjustable side mirror but there might be some out there who wish to change their side mirror to those JDM flip-able side mirror. This is good when you park at a narrow car park where you can close the side mirror to avoid it being hit by objects. This side mirror will cost you about RM350-450 depends on condition and whether it comes with the switch.

Actually the process of the installation is pretty straight forward where there is no fancy wiring needed. Continue to read the entire post so that you can have a better understanding on  how to DIY by yourself and this may save you up some bucks for the installation fee.

Basic tools:
1. Wire Cutter
2. Blacktape
3. Screw Driver
4. Test lamp

For a basic side mirror, the wiring codes are as below:
1. Blue - Flip (Close)
2. Black - Ground
3. White - Top/Bottom adjuster
4. Red - Left/Right adjuster
5. Brown - Flip (Open)

With the below diagram, I hope you have a better understanding on how to wire those wiring from the switch to the side mirror socket.

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Thanks man ! It costs RM50-60 if were to have installed at the Kedai "Abang*

*Money saved !

Hi Ben,

I just DIY, everything is working fine, except both mirrors cant adjust to the right. :-(

Other than that it can flip, can adjust up/down..

Do you think the switch already spoil?

Hi James,

Good to hear that your DIY mirrors working fine. Anyway back to your question, before you install the mirror; is it able to adjust to the right? Try to check any current sending out from the switch. If yes then most probably is your mirror motor spoiled.


Hi Ben,

I will check on it tomorrow..

But I have a question here, if motor spoil won't the mirror can't be adjusted at all? For mine it just cant go right.. :-(

Before I install it is able to work up/down, left/right and flip..

But I burned 2 fuses while trying to connect the switch with the wiring..

Hope its not the motor spoilt.. :-(


Hi James,

Try to check on whether the switch able to provide electric current when you press right. If no then your switch is spoiled. Otherwise, it is the motor problem.


Ben, I have installed my L700 side mirror follow ur diagram, but it was failed. When i study again, the overall diagram ok only:
1) black wire showed only to right side mirror, it also must connected to left side mirror. that mean, both wire must be joint together.

2) white wire to control up/down adjuster, should be split. It not,the both side mirror will be moved together.

Hi ben..
what about those when start the car the mirror flips and when the car is off the mirror flips.?

Hi Faizal,

You need an extra relay in order to make the mirror flip follow your car alarm.


Hi Ben,

regarding to faizal question,
do you have the guide for it?
and can it work with perodua original alarm?

if yes do you have any link or diagram? thanks

Hi mior,

I do not have the diagram now. Do give me some time to get it done.


Hi Ben
Do I need extra wiring for Ground and Power +12v?


Yes you need to have extra wires for ground and +12v


Kenari does not come with electric mirror, how can we get the wiring done, appreciate the advice.



It is pretty simple, you just need to tap the power from your accs wire (like your audio) to the Power +12. The rest you just follow the diagram.


Hai Ben, this diagram worked.. Thank you for sharing. About Faizal question , I already done it too. Start the engine, the mirror flip , n when the engine switch off the mirror flip off.. Just follow from your blog about Honda . Same like your post.

Hi LosT_BoyZ,

Glad to know that the diagram help on your DIY.


ada sssiapa bleh bgtau detail cara nak pasang side mirror move 5wayar step by step .toloooong

hi ben,
i just bought HID headlamp taken from Move RS. but, my problem is original wire from Kenari is diff with the Move (wire color diff), it spolit me to plug n play the headlamp..i need your help then..tqvm bro

hi Zul,

Can you try to check the wiring of your HID and Kenari? The -ve and +ve. Then only you connect the wires.