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Car Detailing: 2005 Perodua Kancil 660EX

During the celebration of Chinese New Year, I finally got time to detail my mother's Kancil and both my Celica and Satria. Let's talk about my mother's Kancil as this is my sister's daily ride to work. Due to lack of caring to the car where my sister always park the car under the hot sun and never wash it since my mother's handed over the car key to her, thus the paint of the car is in a bad condition.

Started with pressure washed the entire car to remove all the dirt. Then I moved to wash the rim and tyres to ensure all the dirt is removed completely so that it will be easier for me to shine the tyres. After that I clayed it and waxed it to restore the paint back to it's glory. All the products are from Magic 101 and the wax is from Soft99. Yes indeed, all of these are cheapo brands compare to those who using Meguiars. Let's see how bad is the paint condition and the result after restoration.

Take a look at the paint and judge it by yourself how is the paint condition. Look at the stain on the paint, this is the disadvantage of choosing a solid white paint for your car.

Here is the polishing session, have a look at the polished area on the right compare to the area that has not polish on the left.  

 Look at the swirl on the unpolished bonnet area and compare the polished area. Big different right?

And here are the final results. Please comment. 

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Anonymous said...

Nice detailing.

Ben said...

Thanks a lot