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2011 plans for my Project Cars

2011 is here and now already the third day of year, so what are the plans for my project cars. Too bad that I have no time to think of it because my Kancil faced a air cond compressor problem during late 2010 December, and I totally had no time to fix it so during this 4 days holiday (Thanks to our Malaysia football team who won the AFF Suzuki cup 2010 for another extra 1 day holiday). Managed to get it fixed by changing to a new air cond compressor and clear up the entire cooling system. It took about 4 hours to get everything done and it cost me RM512 with a front plate number as well.

Cut the crap and let's plan what should I do for my project cars. This year I will first focus on my Kancil and Satria. Nothing much I will do for both Kancil and Satria, except some touch ups for them. This is because I would like to save up some budget for my Celica later on.

Let's start with the project Kancil. What I can say is there is no plan for performance upgrade because this is my daily ride and some more it equipped with an auto transmission. So it is not worth to invest much into performance. The main thing that I wish to do is to make it looks clean and nice.
  • Get a 850cc Kancil's side mirror - The stupid 660cc Kancil's side mirror sucks because it will move easily when objects knock to it. 
  • Get my mira L2's side skirt install - Doesn't like the design of yr 00 Kancil's side skirt.
  • Mira L2s rear lamp - Replace the rear lamp so that I can have a more complete JDM look.
  • Install a pair of HID for my fog lamp - This is for better vision at night. Not those irresponsible owner who install HID to show off of their car. 
  • Install a boost meter - To indicate the exact boost my Kancil is running. 
  • Install a Head Unit - The current Pioneer player is not working anymore. Sigh...
  • Change to a better car security alarm system - Due to the number of stolen cars/stuffs increase, it is a wise choice to change it. 
  • APM performax spring - Lowered car always looks and handle better. 
  • Get some new tyres - Currently running on 155/65/13, wanted to try out 165/60/13. 
  • Change the color of the car - Paint it to my favorite color - WHITE.

For my Satria, performance is the thing to consider for. I will still maintain the exterior of the car but with some minor touch up for the engine.
  • Silicone hose all around - Hope you still remember that I had bought some intercooler silicone hose last year. You may read it here if you miss it earlier. Plan to change all the intercooler hose, vacuum hose, and the radiator hose to silicone hose.
  • Change the turbo extractor - Due to the previous one was leaking so I was forced to change back to the original exhaust extractor and turbine. 
  • Projector headlamp with HID - For better looking and of cause better vision at night. 
  • Adjustable suspension - Not really like the current one, hmm... TEIN/GAB is in my mind now. 
  • Carbon fiber plug cover - The previous one was broken and of cause carbon fiber for blink blink engine effect. 
  • Paint - Met an accident and yet got a change to spray it. Color? PEARL WHITE for sure. 

Celica is always a chick magnet in a lot of others' mind. Therefore upgrading the performance for the car is a must. Already got some upgrades for the engine and there is nothing better than force induction.

  • Turbo kit - Basically all the parts are ready and just pending for the intercooler piping. Currently I am still figuring out who can tune my Apexi Power FC in Penang here.

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