Friday, January 28, 2011

Toyota MRS converted version

Toyota MRS also known as Toyota Mid Ship Spider by the American has been released since 1999. The new MR2, designated "ZZW30," took a drastically different approach than the outgoing model. The most obvious change was the switch from a hardtop/open-roof option to a true convertible soft top, giving the car the 'Spyder' designation.

However, some of the owner does not really love the design of the car and wish to customize them with their preference. Thus, in this post I would like to share some of the nicely done Toyota MRS. The owners of these Toyota MRS convert their cars tot Porsche Gemballa Mirage. Continue to read more and compare both the original Toyota MRS version and the converted Porsche Gemballa Mirage version.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

How to differentiate Daihatsu Mira L200 and L200s

Driving a Perodua Kancil? And the engine started to give you problem during the age of it? Wish to send it to overhaul but the price of it cost you a bomb which it is more than enough for you to convert a new engine to it. So, engine conversion is the most valuable choice which you can have a more powerful engine and newer technology of the engine.

Wonder what kind of engines that able to plug and play to the Perodua Kancil? Basically there are 2 types of engines which are from Daihatsu Mira L200 and Mira L200s. Both these 2 engines can directly install to Perodua Kancil chassis without changing any mounting neither the engine mounting nor the chassis mounting. However both engines looks very similar from the physical view and here I would like to share to you guys how to differentiate the both the L200 and L200s engine because some of the halfcut shop will sell L200 engine at the price tag of L200s which is higher price.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Malaysia Toyota Celica Twin Charger

Since I am quite busy preparing my Master degree thesis, so I decided not to write too much for this post. Here I would like to share my friend Toyota Celica with twin charger system - a turbocharger and a supercharger to be exact. After for maybe a year or half installing the turbo kit to his Celica, finally his car is ready to run now.

Too bad that I have not meet him in person to look at his new monster, but I would like to share picture and video of his car. His car is now running on a Greddy supercharger and if not mistaken with a Garrette AR series turbine as well. Still have not see his dyno chart yet but the car should be able to produce a healthy 280hp on wheel. Watch the video of his car after the jump. Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Saga 4G15 SuperCharged

Previously, I did post a post regarding a 4G13 turbo modification here. Today I would like to share another 4G1x forced induction modification. It is a Proton Saga equipped with a 4G15 EFi engine and a super charger installed.

Started off with a 4G15 Magma 8v model, the owner started with the modification of the carburetor by changing to DCNF40 carburetor. Later on, the owner modified an injection kit to his car which taken from MMC (Mitsubishi Motor Corp).

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Project Kancil: DIY Re-paint Kancil Front Bonnet

As you may notice that my Kancil's bonnet paint is fading off and started to get rusty. Thus, the last weekend I got an idea to spray my bonnet to flat black to prevent my bonnet turn to even worse condition and I still have no idea when I will send my Kancil for repaint. Besides that, currently the market price for a halfcut Mira L200s bonnet is at RM350-450 (Depends on condition) and I do no want to waste money to get another bonnet.

Went to the hardware shop and got myself a flat black paint and it cost me only RM6. Drove back to my house and started the DIY. First of all, I tried to cover up all the places with newspaper so that I won't accidentally spray the paint to other places. (Too bad I forgot to take some photos for this step)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Project Kancil: Head Unit / Player Wiring Installation

Started the year of 2011, finally I am able to install a head unit aka player for my Kancil and this is one of my plan for my Kancil this year. The previous Pioneer player was only a CD/FM player and was broken due to short circuit. During the hunt of a new player, I wished to have a player that support USB and MP3 because I already bored of burning audio CD.

After for a long search, I am able to find a player that suit my requirement and of cause the price is damn cheap. The radio is able to support USB, SD card, AUX In, CD and it play several kind of audio formats (MP3, MP4, WMA and etc). The brand of the radio is DreamAudio and it only costs me RM168. Damn cheap right!!!

Friday, January 7, 2011

4G User Manual - Engine, Clutch and Transmission

Having problem with your 4G series engine, clutch and transmission? And have no idea on which parts need to change and the parts' part number? To be honest I were having this problem previously as of my user manual of my old Proton Saga was missing for long long time ago. Now no matter what you are driving, either a 4G13, 4G15, 4G91, 4G92, 4G93, 4G61 or 4G63, here are some of the user manual for 4G series engine.

After doing some research, I am able to find out some useful information and I hope to share this information with all my readers here. All the documents are free to download and do let me know if the links are broken. Continue to the links after the jump.

Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 plans for my Project Cars

2011 is here and now already the third day of year, so what are the plans for my project cars. Too bad that I have no time to think of it because my Kancil faced a air cond compressor problem during late 2010 December, and I totally had no time to fix it so during this 4 days holiday (Thanks to our Malaysia football team who won the AFF Suzuki cup 2010 for another extra 1 day holiday). Managed to get it fixed by changing to a new air cond compressor and clear up the entire cooling system. It took about 4 hours to get everything done and it cost me RM512 with a front plate number as well.

Cut the crap and let's plan what should I do for my project cars. This year I will first focus on my Kancil and Satria. Nothing much I will do for both Kancil and Satria, except some touch ups for them. This is because I would like to save up some budget for my Celica later on.