Monday, May 31, 2010

Proton Campro Engines Fail on Crank after Bolt On Turbo!

 Driving a car with CAMPRO engine? Wish to BOT (Bolt On Turbo)? Do follow this post closely on how the CAMPRO Engine fail on crank. Here is a result of a failed CAMPRO engine after BOT. What is the result is BOT DOES NOT FAIL THE CAMPRO CRANK, BOT ONLY ACCELERATE THE FAILING PROCESS OF THE CRANK.

The actual reason of the crank failure is actually from CONROD. Here are some picture I've taken in comparison between a CAMPRO 1.6 CONROD vs a 4G92P CONROD.

Therefore, for those who wish to BOT their CAMPRO engine please upgrade the internal parts of the engine for more reliable and durable engine. By changing to a better forged piston and modify the engine lubrication holes,  you can boost happily without any major problem like this.

How Perodua Alza become after an accident

Found something interested about our newly launched Perodua Alza. Wonder how a Perodua Alza will become after a serious car crashed? And what I managed to find from the internet is just a MIROS Crash Test for Perodua Alza, which you can find it from youtube or watch it at the end of this post.

Here is a real case that a Perodua Alza is being hit hard by a lorry/truck. Just look at the pictures, the car will be totaled and there is no chance to repair it and restore it's glory. I could not judge must on the quality of the car since I am not an expert on this and the car is being hit by a lorry/truck. Furthermore, do notice that the airbag is not deployed even the front of the car is being hit. Therefore I just leave the decision making to those who wish to buy Perodua Alza. Anyway, I am not offending to those who own a Perodua Alza. 

Re-route Cooling Direction for 4AGE 20v Engine from FF Chassis to FR Chassis

Hopefully this article will help on those Toyota FR owners who wish to transplate 4AGE 20V into their FR machine's engine bay. This will works for either 4AGE 20V silvertop (AE101, running on MAF) or 4AGE 20V blacktop (AE111, runing on MAP).

Due to the engine moving from a FF chassis originally mounting the engine in transverse configuration changing to longitudinal for FR chassis there are some difficulties with the installation. There are 2 common problems, the first is the distributor hitting the firewall, the second is the water inlet and outlet ports are behind the engine and too far away from the front water radiator. In makes installation extremely difficult and discourages allot of people from actually doing it.

Malaysian petrol prices could go up

Malaysia government could increase the petrol price this year according to Malaysiakini. The initial price increase will be 15 cents per liter and implemented this year under plans presented by a body advising the government on how to cut subsidies. Besides petrol, Toll, Gas and Electricity bill might be increase a well.

If everything goes through, the price of petrol would be hiked some time this year followed by two price hikes totally 20 cents per liter in 2011 and two more of 20 cents per liter in 2012.

In 2013-2015, there will be slow price hikes and by the end of 2015, the price of RON95 would stand at RM2.60 per liter, but the proposal has yet to be approved by the government, so there's no telling whether or not the proposal will be accepted.

Friday, May 21, 2010

VVT Is Good For 4AGE 20V

Recently, I got doubt that what is the power figure for a 4AGE 20V that with the VVT cam activated and without the VVT cam activated. This is because some after market cam such as some TODA cams need to remove the VVT cam due to longer lift of the cam. Therefore would like to find out the how many horse power is a VVT able to produce for the 4AGE 20V.

Try to surf around the internet and did some research on it, finally I managed to get some information about this and give myself an answer. Let's have a look at the dyno graphs and compare the power figure for VVT cam activated and without VVT cam activated. As a conclusion, VVT does provide a good power figure for 4AGE 20V. It provide power from around 4000rpm till 7000rpm. However for those who wish to build a track machine which at all the time of the engine is in high rev zone, removing VVT cam and replace with a longer lift cam is recommended. 

How To Recognize C56(BT), C56(ST) and C53 Gearbox

After purchase a 4AGE 20V halfcut from the halfcut shop and wonder how to recognize and differentiate the gearbox? Or wish to change the gearbox for the 4AGE 20V, here is the information on how to recognize and differentiate it. I found some pictures on the web of the C56 and C52 gearbox. Hope this helps to tell them apart.

Detonation Damage on 20v Pistons

What is detonation? Detonation in spark-ignition internal combustion engines occurs when combustion of the air/fuel mixture in the cylinder starts off correctly in response to ignition by the spark plug, but one or more pockets of air/fuel mixture explode outside the envelope of the normal combustion front. The fuel-air charge is meant to be ignited by the spark plug only, and at a precise time in the piston's stroke cycle.

The peak of the combustion process no longer occurs at the optimum moment for the four-stroke cycle. The shock wave creates the characteristic metallic "pinging" sound, and cylinder pressure increases dramatically. Effects of engine knocking range from inconsequential to completely destructive. It should not be confused with pre-ignition (or preignition), as they are two separate events.

AE101 4age wiring diagram (4AGE 20V Silvertop)

Recently I found a wiring diagram for the 4AGE 20V silvertop from the internet. It is an official wiring diagram for a Silvertop sourced from Toyota and translated by an unknown individual.Click for a bigger and clearer picture.

Monday, May 17, 2010

DIY: Carburetor Cleaning for 4G13p/15p

Before I start, I would like to tell what problem that I am facing now. My daily drive is a 18 years old Proton Saga equipped with a 4G15p. A lot of people will wonder why I am not driving Satria, Celica or Kancil instead of an old junk. For Satria and Celica, both modification done on them and the fuel consumption are not suitable for daily use while the Kancil is use by my dad so this is the reason why I am not using them.

Back to the problem, the aging 4G15p already clocking at 200K KM mileage and haven't done any major overhaul. Recently the engine will shaking after turn off the engine and the symptom looks like it running rich and there is fuel in the combustion area. The next problem is the fuel consumption is pretty high where about RM0.25 per KM and this consider bad for a 4G15p manual engine.

Updates for Pearl Garden Construction

Went over to have a look at the progress of Pearl Garden and snap some photos of the construction. Seem like they are rushing for the completion and hopefully can obtain O.C after 2 and a half year later which this is the date promised by the developer. Here are some of the photos for the guard house and semi D, Enjoy!!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Project Satria: Intercooler Silicone Hose

It is being some time that I have not perform any upgrade to my Satria. I popped up the hook and realized that the intercooler's hoses are not in a good condition. Decision made, the next thing to do is to check out how many silicone hoses that I need for this upgrade and the measurement . Started at the turbine to intercooler and then to the intake manifold, total silicone hoses I need is 6. Which 1 of the 1.5"-2.0" reducer to connect the turbine to the intercooler piping and the rest are 1.75"-2.0" for intercooler and the rest of the piping. 

After the measurement is done, it is the time for me to choose on which silicone hose brand to go for. Though of going for SAMCO but unfortunately there is no 1.5"-2.0" reducer available. Continue to look for other brands (ELEVO,JASMA), but I got no luck for it. After a couple of days searching around the net, finally I am able to find one which produce 1.5"-2.0" reducer. The brand name is INFINITE so I immediately text the seller and made my order. Few days later, I received my item which shipped by GDEX and what I can say is the seller is very good to deal with, I will highly recommend to who that wish to buy silicone hose. His nick is GarageR in ZTH forum. Will deal with him soon to get the silicone hose again for my Celica turbo project

Saturday, May 1, 2010

4AGE 20V Silvertop open throttles modification

Wanted to install open throttles to your Silvertop? The Silvertop is running on MAF which it needs to measure the AFM before entering the engine. However there is still a way to do this whereby to convert the Silvertop ECU to Blacktop ECU and modify the ITB. Below is the list of the differents between Silvertop and Blacktop.
  • The Silvertop Throttles need to run on an AFM due to the ST ECU The Blacktop throttles use a map sensor
  • Stock ST Throttles generally cannot be run open because the ECU requires the air to be measured by the AFM BEFORE it goes into the engine.
  • Stock Blacktop Throttles can be run open because the MAP sensor reads vacuum pressure from BEHIND the throttles.
  • The Silvertop Throttles CAN have a MAP sensor adapted to them. You have to wire the MAP plug and an Intake Air Temp plug and sensor in place of the AFM. I don't know if the ST ECU can interpret this correctly or not so a BT ECU may be needed as well.
  • The Blacktop Throttles have a port the reads the Vacuum behind the throttles
  • The ports on the Blacktop Throttles are larger than that of the Silvertop.
  • The Blacktop Throttles are physically larger as well, something like 5mm each. The Silvertop airbox does not bolt up to BT ITBs.
  • The Blacktop and Silvertop ITBs share the same bolt pattern on the plate, allowing the blacktop throttles to bolt right onto a Silvertop head. Use a blacktop gasket.

Engine 4AGE 20V Wiring Diagram Schematic

Here Toyota Engine 4A-GE 20V wiring diagram. This engine wiring diagram can be used to install engine performance part of your car. This Toyota engine wiring diagram show the left fender wiring along with ECU connector and pin out. Blue wires schema is for starter wiring, pink for igniter wiring, red for interior power source, and green for 2 sensor wiring. Continue to the full diagram...