Friday, April 30, 2010

Making decision between 4AGZE or 4AGE 20V

There is no definite answers to such question as both engines are quite different and is just a matter of what your needs are and what you really enjoy in an engine.

The 4A-GZE in general, like most forced induction engines, provide very deep torque range from low to mid rpm, and provides the driver a similar feeling as larger displacement engines. The power output is provided low in the rpm range. By contrast the 20V and modified 16V engines, being naturally aspirated, requires much higher revs to get similar output and torque curve is steep and narrow at the top. The more aggressively you tune them the more this is apparent.

The 20V with it's VVT operating, provides more stable higher torque output than the 16V but is vastly lower than that of the 4A-GZE. Novice drivers will definitely be faster with the 4A-GZE while more experienced drivers will find very rewarding challenge from the 20V while showered with the concert of individual throttles all singing like the best of racing motors. All this however is provided that you had installed and tuned the engine well, which seems to be more of a problem for beginners. In any case, never budget your project short, or cut corners on parts needed, or else your project will just be that...a compromise, even when just installing it using OEM specs.

4AGE 20V to 7AGE 20V conversion

With the introduction of the 7A-FE, the 4A-GE tuners gained an easy option to use the longer stroke 7A-FE block to gain higher stroke figures previously reserved for the daring and the well financed. The 7A-FE made its debut on the more mundane Corolla sedans in 1992. The block design of the 4A was kept thus came the possibility to use the 4A-GE head. The birth of the 7A-GE hybrid.

The characteristic of the 7A-GE is generally more subdued than in the peaky tuned 4A-GE, but for all of the maximum revs lost to the 4A, the 7A makes up in torque. With longer crank stroke, the 7A-GE’s cannot be revved as far due to known failures of connecting rods and bearings. The maximum power band usually falls at as little as 6800rpm, a sign of internal stress, meaning it’s way-past the physical redline. Most tuners recommend its use below 7500rpm. Despite its conversion to the true-twin cam design and free-flow head, the modification still produces all of the 117ft/lbs of torque of the original 7A-FE configuration, and the power gains from the 7A-GE varies but is in the general area of 10% over a similarly equipped 4A-GE.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Project Kancil: Mira L200s Bodykit Installed

Always love the design of the Mira L200s bodykit even not owner a Kancil or Mira. Now my sister inherit her Kancil to me and I got the chance to modify it with the Mira L200s bodykit. Started of with the L200s bonnet. It took me months to look for a cheap and good condition one which it cost me only RM250 while the market price was around RM350 that time. For the installation, it is a simple plug and play to the Kancil original bonnet bracket. For a perfect fit, it is a need to modify the original bumper. However I did not modify the original bumper so that I need to give more force to the bonnet when closing it.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Nitro Designs offer cheap price for Matt paint spraying

Nitro Designs, the first and only commercial airbrush studio affiliated with Australia’s Advanced Airbrush has launched a unique approach in meeting the desires of car enthusiast of the new era. With the launch of “The Matte Deal”, Nitro Designs has opened up a new acceptance of ferocious matte effect colors like no other.

Automotive painting works have earned its standards of pricing by the materials used and the finishing skills of the painter. The value of any automotive paint work is determined by the hours spent in dismantling parts and panels, preparation time of the surface to be painted, materials used, painting hours, polishing & wax and reinstalling of parts and panels. Do you know that if you can do all the above yourself with your own time & materials, an actual workmanship cost alone by any good painter to paint your car in an oven-baked spray booth will not be above RM300.00?

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tuning a 4AGE 16V

 The most common modification for almost any car is the open pod air intake filter. Although they are cheap but by changing this only mild increase in power and it is more to cosmetic modification and the induction noise.

If it’s a 4AGE converted Aussie Sprinter then most likely it will already have one, or if its a JDM stocker fresh off the boat, it’s intake filter has probably never been changed in its life. (Picture below)

Another basic mod is fitting an aftermarket exhaust system. However if your chasing power or better response a decent set of headers or extractors with a 2″-2.5″ exhaust system – mandrel bent and sporting a hi flow cat converter – with a hi flow rear muffler will not only provide you with more responsive engine but real smooth exhaust note as well.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Project Kancil: A Set Of "New" Rim

Thursday, April 8, 2010

AutoVision Rain & Light Sensor

Always wished your car had that feature some high-end German cars have? In the past, such features were only fitted in-factory. Today, it’s available for all car owners. This is the long awaited after market product that will give your car the ability to sense and react to it’s surroundings in complete automation. Once installed with LOBIAN1 AutoVision, your car automatically turns on wipers when it rains and turns headlights on/off when necessary. The price for this is at RM249.

Project Kancil: Mira L500 Dashboard Installed

Mira L500 dashboard is very famous and is a must modification among Kancil enthusiasts. Why I chosen the L500 dashboard but not L200/L200s dashboard? This is because L200/L200s dashboard look similar to the original Kancil's dashboard and for me, if I wish to change or modify something, I prefer to modify to a better and something does not look alike.

Installing the L500 dashboard is not a plug and play job whereby there are modifications needed to be done in order to fit the dashboard nicely to Kancil compartment. First of all, the Kancil aircond blower need to be replaced by the L500. This is because the switch of the fan speed is only 3 speeds for the L500 while for the Kancil, it does have 4 speeds. There is a way to modify and fit Kancil blower to the L500 dashboard but I chosen to have a easier way instead of doing a lot of modification. 

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Project Kancil: Perodua Kancil

Here is some history of the car. Bought by my sister back in 1999 from one of the Perodua car dealer. Started of it's life with a 660cc engine and coupled with a 5 speeds manual gearbox. The engine started to give way after working hard to serve my sister for 11 years and recently my sister just bought herself a new car, so the car is use by my dad as his daily ride.

The main problem of the engine is that it can easily overheated after about 20km drive with an average speed around 80km/h. Did a flush for the radiator and change the coolant but the result is still the same. Thus, the only thing that I can think of is the gasket causing this overheat issue. Besides that, the clutch of the car never been changed since day 1.