Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New Semi-D property

On January 2010 and after a long time search for property, finally managed to find an ideal place where located at Juru. The residential area is an ideal place to stay whereby it is gated community with all the pool, gyms and etc facilities. After some considerations, decided to apply loan from several banks for 90% loan amount. A couple of weeks later, loan is approved and started to sign for all the documents, such as: loan offer letter, S&P agreement. 

During this Chinese New Year 20th of February 2010, brought my parents to view the house and hand over the 10% downpayment to the developer. Now waiting to get the stamped S&P and withdraw money from EPF and after that nothing much can do but just wait for the first montly installment. 

Read more to enjoy some pictures of the residential area and show house. 

Sunday, February 21, 2010

New Car Jack For Self Car Service

Always wanted to service my cars myself. This is due to my interest in car and can learn more about car repair knowledge. Besides that, I can save up some service charges and have enjoy to repair/maintain my cars. So during this Chinese New Year I bought myself a car jack. The car jack is capable to handle 2 tons of weight whereby approximately 2000kg and it is more than enough to lift up both my cars: Proton Satria (1005kg) and Toyota Celica (1160kg). 

Friday, February 19, 2010

DIY: 4AGE 20 Valves Oil Control Valve (OCV)

The Oil control valve sits at the front left hand side of the 4AGE 20v cylinder head. The function of this valve is to control oil flow into the intake camshaft which controls the operation of the VVT mechanism. So the valve can either be open.....or closed.

DIY: 4AGE 20 Valves ECU Reset

The 4AGE ECU is a pretty incredible unit and not something most people give due credit to. I've been trying to learn as much as I can about it regarding it's "intelligence" and I thought I'd share what my good friend Nitin has been telling me. Nitin has been working towards getting his mechanics certificate for a while now, and he's one of the few guys that seems to really take to the electronics side of the business as well as the usual pulling wrenches bit.

The 4AGE ECU is an adaptive or "learning" unit. The ECU will take the information from the many sensors in the car, match that to the way the car is being driven, and work out the best way for everything to work/fire/run to keep everything as efficient and smooth as possible.Whenever any engine electrical work is done (moving sensors, making adjustments, etc.) it's always a good idea to reset the ECU. You can do this by either disconnecting the negative terminal from the battery post for a couple minutes (or more depending on how cold the car is), or removing and reinstalling a fuse in the kick panel near the driver's feet. Doing this gives the ECU a chance to forget what it's learned in the past so to speak, and start with a clean slate. If you do this it will seek out fresh readings from all those sensors and use those to make the engine run smoothly, instead of piling the new readings on top of the old bad ones and trying to get a good working operation from the combination.