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RM2.30 per liter for RON97 starting 1st December 2010

To all motorists who are using RON97 for their cars or bikes, you will have to pay an extra 15 sen per liter starting today – 1st of December 2010. The new price for RON97 will be RM2.30 per liter.

Last hike of RON97 fuel price was a month ago on the 2nd of November 2010. The hike back then was smaller – just 5 sen from RM2.10 per liter to RM2.15 per liter.

However there are the same price of RM1.85 per liter for RON95 and RM1.75 for diesel.


Anonymous said...

Haih... this is Malaysia. When the international fuel price goes up, gov will increase the price but when the international fuel price goes down, gov will still maintain the price but not decrease the price.

Ben said...

Hahaha, what to do. Try to work harder to earn more to pay for all the extras