Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Formula Atlantic 240HP 4AGE 16 Valves

4AGE a well known Toyota 1.6L engine that normally people will think that it is from a Toyota Trueno/Levin AE86 or the 4AGE 20V from the AE1xx series. This is due to the famous animation cartoon - Initial D. From what I know off, a lot of people confuse this engine with the 20 valve silvertop used in the infamous panda Trueno in Initial D cartoon. Just to let you guys know that they are totally different engine. The Formula Atlantic has been a 16 valve throughout its 15 year career in these series while the 20 valve TRD silvertop was used in the Japanese counterpart used in Group A.


Wow... this is how the 4AGE 16V on the Formula Atlantic