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2010 Recapitulation

2010 is already reached the end, so let's recap what I had done for this year.

Early of the year, February to be exact; got myself a new semi-D property. I got to say that this is a one nice house to me (maybe not to you). Anyway, enjoy the pictures of my house.

And then an Apex'i Power FC standalone ECU upgraded for my Project Celica. With this, I am able to fine tune my celica and also the lift point for the VVTL.

And then started to feel like wanted to play with K-car. Took over my sister Kancil and started to have it done with Daihatsu Mira L5 dashboard.

Done for the interior, I moved over to the exterior made over with a set of Daihatsu Mira L2s bodykit.

After some effort spent to search a suitable halfcut for my Project Kancil, finally found one L502s turbo auto halfcut which suitable for daily used for me.

Then on the 53rd Merdeka day, visited to Hatyai and Songkla with my beloved girl friend and parents. A very nice trip though the weather was damn hot.

Then finally got time to replace my Project Satria bonnet after the accident I met earlier.

Late November, finally I was able to finish up my Master study final draft thesis and submitted to my professor from University of Leicester and TTE system. Still pending for his review though. Hope my project is up to his expectation.

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