Saturday, November 13, 2010

Satria JDM 4G13 Turbo Video

Previously I had posted a post regarding a mighty Satria JDM 4G13 Turbo machine here. Here is a nice video shared by the owner (Cheese). After finished watching the video, what a impressive performance generated by a 4G13p engine. For guys who wish to upgrade your 4G13p engine, maybe you can have a look on what had done to the car.


Wow, 4G13p got potential!!!
Boosting at 0.8 bar,great!

Wah, nice job cheese!!!
Heard that you have another project coming up?

according owner masih ok lagi sampai hari ni.

wow~~~4g13 so it because the turbo???

bro, kalo enjin 4g13 pkai head twin cam ble x?

ben, is it because of the turbo that makes 4g13 become this monster?


If you are using a older version of 4G13, it is not able to fit in a twin cam head.



There are still other modifications that make this monster comes true. However, turbo is definitely a big power increase for this monster.


bro mane bengkel nak upgrade 4g15 vdo upgrade turbo macam video saya boleh tolong ye

mana bengkel bt ni....tlg

Hi JoeKing,

I'm sorry that I do not know the shop which modify this car. You may contact the owner from SPOC.