Sunday, November 28, 2010

4G93 Modification From Mild to Extreme

For those 4G93 engine (first generation) owners who wish to modify their engine to on path with the Honda B18C, let's continue to read this post. All these information of this post were gathered from the net. Thus, I would like to thank all the author of these informative articles.

In any engine, the only way to make more power is by adding more air and fuel. This is why Turbocharger and Supercharger came in mind in the early decade. For Normally Aspirated (NA), we can try to increase the breathing performance and efficiency. There are several ways to increase the breathing efficiency and here are some of those things that help to improve the performance of the engine.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Duratech Racing Camshaft For MIVEC

Another alternative for MIVEC 4G92 owner who wish to upgrade their cam shaft - Duratech. This is quite a new brand in Malaysia and currently not much information about it but based on the seller's information, this camshaft specification is totally similar with JUN specification racing camshaft , Type 2 which is;

IN(260)8.976mm ; (304)11.30mm
EX(256)8.476mm ;(304)10.80mm

The price for this racing cam shaft is at RM2999. The package does not includes valve springs. So for those buyers who fully squish out all the performance from the racing cam shaft, they need to opt for another racing valve springs from JUN or RPW.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Satria JDM 4G13 Turbo Video

Previously I had posted a post regarding a mighty Satria JDM 4G13 Turbo machine here. Here is a nice video shared by the owner (Cheese). After finished watching the video, what a impressive performance generated by a 4G13p engine. For guys who wish to upgrade your 4G13p engine, maybe you can have a look on what had done to the car.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ferrari 360 Challenge

 Introduce the Ferrari 360 Challenge and this is a real fighter putting many technology in from Ferrari F1. Paddle shifter realizes accurate shifting, also avoids over revving. Chassis performance has made rapid progress from this F360, double wishbone suspension is very flexible that you’ll never get needless pitching even when you go over the kerbs, and very fast through high speed corners. Good turn in increases the exit speed and makes an impact on lap times.

Performance is slightly upgraded and tuned to provide strong punch at 6000 to 8500 rpm compare with the standard machine. You can enjoy MICHELOTTO 360GTC-like sound from straight modified exaust. Prancing horse fighter is always full of attraction.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Satria JDM 4G13 Turbo

A member of SPOC since 2006. Always a hidden member who just like to read other members posts and seldom participate in posting. However recently I come across an interesting post who the owner (cheese) posting the make over of his Proton Satria to JDM Mirage Cyborg R. As a JDM lover, this make me to have a mind set that if I got extra money; I would like to get another Proton Satria and convert to JDM Mirage Cyborg R. JDM rules!!!

The car is nicely done and make me can’t resist not to post it here. Started off from a 1.3L Proton Satria, the owner (cheese) extract out from every little bit and pieces. He has the passion to go all out to convert his Proton Satria to JDM spec Mirage Cyborg. Beside the exterior and interior, the engine still remains the same 4G13p but now with a T in it. The engine is well tuned and able to smoke any of higher cc cars anytime.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Plagiarize Of My Blog

Browsing through the net for interesting articles and found out that my blog contents were being posted in other blog. Felt happy about that because this is my honor to share information to the others and Thanks to the owner of the blog (apiece939). However I can't find my name or my blog address listed there as the original source of the content and this make me felt disappointed. To the blog owner, next time try to list down the source of the original content not only from my blog but also from the other blogs. This is to give credit to the other blog owners who spend a lot of time to research and write the article like me. Thanks!!!

Here are few print screen of the blog content directly copy from my blog. Not only the contents are exactly the same but even the picture also taken from my blog by just paste the address.