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Project Kancil: Mira L502s Auto Installation In Progress

 Recently I am very busy about my MSc study and of cause my work and now finally I got time to blog little about my small little Kancil Mira wannnabe. Brought my car and the halfcut to P44 Autoworks on 28th of August 2010 at noon time. Then I left the shop about 2 hours later after some short discussion with Gar and Murad from P44 Autoworks on what to be done on the car.

In the conversation with Gar, I told him that I hope to have my car done for a week of time. And damn, you know what is the result? P44 Autoworks able to done the conversion within a week and everything done nicely even in the month of fasting season for Muslims. Salute to them and big clap for the mechanics in P44 Autoworks.

 On 4th of September 2010, a call from Gar and got to know that the alternator from the halfcut was already damaged. What a bad news to me and luckily Gar able to source me another L5 alternator at RM180. On the next day evening about 5++ o'clock, received another call from Gar and this time is a good news where my car is already done and ready for pickup.

Collected my car on the Saturday 4th September 2010. Nice and smooth engine although the power delivered is not at my expectation compare to my Satria 4G93T. Anyway here is the total cost of the conversion:

Engine oil, Gear oil and etc RM110
Alternator RM180
Aircond and Alignment RM60
Petrol Hose RM30
VE Terminal RM10
Petrol RM10
Labour Charge RM650
Total RM1050

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