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Mitsubishi EVO X Coupe For Sale on Ebay

The Mitsubishi Evolution X is a great looking machine but one would be hard pressed to tell the difference between it and a well kitted Mitsubishi Lancer, bar a few tell tale differences. While browsing around the net for some interesting car stuffs, I stumbled across this yummy offering, a custom Evo X Coupe, and it's for sale!

The whole thing is a yet to be completed project and thus far the previous owner has done away with the two rear doors, slapped on a wide body kit, deep dish alloy wheels with carbon fiber centers, coilover suspensions, a upgraded turbocharger together with upgraded injectors and meth injection. It also comes with a ton of ICE equipment from Focal and Kenwood.
If you are a enthusiast looking for a left hand drive car to project on, this may just be your calling. Check out the pictures below to view the entire car and the works, or you can click on the source below to view it on Ebay.
HKS Legamax Premium Exhaust Center Pipe Mitsubishi EVO X 08+

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