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Maintaining a Daihatsu Mira L5 JB-JL

Engine Oil Specification (Daihatsu's recommendation):
5W-30/10W-30 mineral/semi or fully synthetic

Period of changing the Engine Oil (Daihatsu's recommendation):

Spark Plug:
OEM: NGK (BKUR7EK) or Nippon-Denso (K22TNR-S)
If can't find any of them, try to get a set from Perodua Kembara (NGK BKUR6EK) as a last resort

Aftermarket Replacement:
Nippon-Denso Iridium Power IK22
Nippon-Denso Iridium Iridium Tough VK22
BOSCH Platinum Ir Fusion FGR6DQI

Period of changing the Spark Plug (Daihatsu's recommendation):

Gearbox fluid for LSD gearbox (Daihatsu's recommendation):
75W-85 API GL-5

Period of changing the Gearbox Fluid for LSD gearbox (Daihatsu's recommendation):


Steve said...

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Anonymous said...

engine oil cooler made from aircond cooling coil????nice.... =)

Anonymous said...


Have to ask how come my engine oil get lesser when using semi synthetic (10W-40) compare to use mineral engine oil (20W-50). Any idea?

Ben said...


I assumed that you are having an old engine that burns oil due to worn piston rings, cylinder bores and valve guides. A fully synthetic oil, being a thinner oil will get pass the worn parts and end up being burnt off much faster than ordinary mineral oil. So I suggested that it is better for you to use mineral oil. If you experience blue smoke from the exhaust, an addictive that thickens the oil may help.


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Anonymous said...

Brilliant read thank you. Will you be doing a write up for the rear lower suspension arms?

Ben said...


Thanks, I will try my best to come out a rear lower suspension arms.


amirul shaharuddin said...

bro, my gearbox is auto LSD, what kind of fluid shall i use? 75W-85 API GL-5?

Ben said...

Hi Amirul,

Yes. You may also try MOTUL 75W-140 GL5 as well.


Ariel LuNa said...

Hello Ben

Mean my JBJL engine can use NGK iridium ix BKR7EIX

Fadhli Ameer said...

hello ben i have a question ,

what specification for the gear oil for non lsd ?
can recommend me ?

Lesa Thomas said...


Great and helpful idea..Thanks for sharing

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