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Hatyai and Songkhla Trip during 53th Merdeka day

Finally had a long holiday for me to enjoy a holiday trip to Hatyai and Songkhla with my parents and my girl friend. Nothing much to say and I would just like to share some pictures that I took during the trip.

This was the breakfast for the very first day when we reached Hatyai. Four bowls of bird nest and a big bowl of shark fins for 4 person.

After our breakfast, the next stop was the shopping complex in Hatyai. Didn't take much photos but just one at the bargain area.
Here is our lunch, McDonald pork burger. You can't get this in Malaysia McDonald which pork is not for sale in public restaurant except for Chinese restaurant.
Night market in Hatyai and other interesting photos. Try to have a look at the small little car and the messy wires post.
The next day we took a cab to Songkhla. It is a Honda City and the driver is very friendly but we were having problem to communicate to each other.
My beloved Girl Friend.
Last but not least, here is what me and my girl friend bought during the trip. Special order for the "female" teddy bear and with our name on it.

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