Saturday, September 18, 2010

DIY: L5 Dashboard Blower Wiring

Ok, previously I had post about the DIY for wiring L5 meter. Now I would like to post about the L5 dashboard blower wiring. When changing to L5 dashboard, it is recommended that you change the blower as well to have the it fit nicely to L5 dashboard. If you plan to use back the Kancil dashboard blower, you will see some gab between the blower and the plastic piping which direct the air to the aircond vent.

Installation is quite simple since the L5 blower is just plug and play with the L5 dashboard. The only problem is that Kancil blower does come with 4 fan speeds while L5 blower is only 3 fan speeds. So in this case, we need to wiring carefully based on what is the speed you wish to match from Kancil to L5. You can match Kancil fan speed 2,3,4 to L5 fan speed 1,2,3. Alternatively you may match Kancil fan speed 1,3,4 to L5 fan speed 1,2,3. This is just up to your preference.

Below is the table of for Kancil and L5 blower wiring color and the function. You need to follow all the wiring except for the fan speed which I mentioned earlier that based on your preference. 


bro.. thanks 4 d info..
how about wiring for spoiler?
kancil with mira moderno bonet? i found that mira bonet have many wire than kancil.. how bout that? cn u help me regarding this issue..
thanks ben :)

Hi, currently I only have L2/L2s rear spoiler wiring. Anyway I will try to figure out the moderno for you. :)

bro can u get a wiring diagram for side mirror auto flip just for kancil.....i have it but don't know how to wiring i hope u can help me abaout that....

Ok, let me dig out my wiring diagram for this.

Hi fren, here is the link to side mirror installation.

hi ben.. just wonder, how to wiring the fan's speed.. do i need cut the wire and just tap to other wire?


If you are using Kancil blower then you need to cut and tap the wire according to the color code as above.

hi ben, do you have wiring diagram for steering l5. i cannot match the wire from l2s, making my car wiper, lighting not functioning. thanks.

Hi Wen,

Sorry I do not have any experience to match the L5 wiring to L2s.


hi ben..
how bout air cond switch,
l2s got 2 wire,
L5 3 wire,


I am not understand what air cond switch you mean. As what I know the ON/OFF is the fan speed. Anyway, can you send me a picture for better understanding.


i think he meant the thermostat wire...L2 / kancil 850 have 2 wire.L5 have 3 wires..
i'm currently facing similar problems..can't get the darned thermostat to work..blower is working fine with the fans speed s witch

Hi sargeantfish,

I did not wire the in car heater where this is not necessary for me in our tropical weather over here.


hai ben,
i would like to install l500 dashboard to my kancil.....can u let me know the place where can i get the l500 dashboard with frm klang..


You may get it from One D Garage. The shop is at Klang. Do contact Afat 0196490655


hi ben i have install the dashboard and blower l5 into my kancil... but the blower not fit with box at the passenger how to fix it hope u can help me

heloo ben.kancil sy ru tukar enjin l6(ef-rl) tapi aircon compressor inda hidup,blower ok hidup mcm biasa..cum electornic box aircon tu mcm inda fungsi,,sebelum ni enjin lama ok..ada cara2 yg boleh modifide kah bab wayar Rpm p electonic box aircom mmg inda kena smbg..

Hi mr KuTeK,

The L5 blower does not fit perfectly. It will be slightly sit towards to the passenger leg rest area.


Hi Sharone lai,

Sorry to say that I do not understand what did you mentioned here. Can you translate it to a proper English or Bahasa Malaysia?


hello ben, can i get L5 3 piston wiring diagram? i've trouble with my car..

Hi awe,

Sorry to say that I do not have L5 3 pistons wiring diagram.


Hi ben,do you have jbjl ecu pin out diagram wire?
Because mine car use the jbjl engine,but curently still use stock dashboard
Now i want use l2s meter on my car..can help me?

Hi remy rahman,
I need to search my database whether I still keep the ECU or not.
Once found, I will update here. Please stay with me.

Hi Ben do u have wiring diagram for electric power steering l5. I try to install on my kancil850... tq