Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mitsubishi Mirage Hatchback (1992-1994)

Since I am driving a Proton Satria a re-badged model of Mitsubishi Mirage Hatchback from 1992-1995, I would like to share some information about the Mirage models available. I noticed that in Malaysia got a lot of JDM lovers who trying to change their Proton Satria bodykit to Mitsubishi Mirage. However halfcut shops around Malaysia keep giving misleading information to JDM lovers. For example, telling the buyer Mirage RS bumper come with a pair of projector fog lamp where this isn't the true story. Thus, I hope with this information; we can have a clearer picture of which models equipped with which kind of bumper design and fog lamp.

Basically, there are 5 different type of bumper designs. The big fog lamp, big fog lamp socket only, small fog lamp, small fog lamp socket only and the small projector fog lamp. Halfcut shops will charge differently for different bumper design and the most expensive is Mirage Cyborg R.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Maintaining a Daihatsu Mira L5 JB-JL

Engine Oil Specification (Daihatsu's recommendation):
5W-30/10W-30 mineral/semi or fully synthetic

Period of changing the Engine Oil (Daihatsu's recommendation):

Spark Plug:
OEM: NGK (BKUR7EK) or Nippon-Denso (K22TNR-S)
If can't find any of them, try to get a set from Perodua Kembara (NGK BKUR6EK) as a last resort

Aftermarket Replacement:
Nippon-Denso Iridium Power IK22
Nippon-Denso Iridium Iridium Tough VK22
BOSCH Platinum Ir Fusion FGR6DQI

Period of changing the Spark Plug (Daihatsu's recommendation):

Gearbox fluid for LSD gearbox (Daihatsu's recommendation):
75W-85 API GL-5

Period of changing the Gearbox Fluid for LSD gearbox (Daihatsu's recommendation):

Saturday, September 18, 2010

DIY: L5 Dashboard Blower Wiring

Ok, previously I had post about the DIY for wiring L5 meter. Now I would like to post about the L5 dashboard blower wiring. When changing to L5 dashboard, it is recommended that you change the blower as well to have the it fit nicely to L5 dashboard. If you plan to use back the Kancil dashboard blower, you will see some gab between the blower and the plastic piping which direct the air to the aircond vent.

Installation is quite simple since the L5 blower is just plug and play with the L5 dashboard. The only problem is that Kancil blower does come with 4 fan speeds while L5 blower is only 3 fan speeds. So in this case, we need to wiring carefully based on what is the speed you wish to match from Kancil to L5. You can match Kancil fan speed 2,3,4 to L5 fan speed 1,2,3. Alternatively you may match Kancil fan speed 1,3,4 to L5 fan speed 1,2,3. This is just up to your preference.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

DIY: Wiring Meter Daihatsu Mira L5

Since currently I am into K-Car (Kancil aka Mira) modification, I would like to share some information about this. As everyone knows that Kancil and Mira (L5 or L2) share almost everything including the dashboard. As for me, I don't really like Kancil dashboard because of the outdated design. So I made up my mind to change to Mira L5 dashboard where it looks nicer to me. However the meter of the Kancil does not really fit in to L5 dashboard and it is a must for anyone who change to L5 dashboard to change to the L5 meter as well.

For those who love to DIY the installation of L5 dashboard, here is the meter wiring for L5 matching to Kancil 660/850. For L2 meter wiring matching to Kancil 660/850 is over here.

Project Kancil: Mira L502s Auto Installation In Progress

 Recently I am very busy about my MSc study and of cause my work and now finally I got time to blog little about my small little Kancil Mira wannnabe. Brought my car and the halfcut to P44 Autoworks on 28th of August 2010 at noon time. Then I left the shop about 2 hours later after some short discussion with Gar and Murad from P44 Autoworks on what to be done on the car.

In the conversation with Gar, I told him that I hope to have my car done for a week of time. And damn, you know what is the result? P44 Autoworks able to done the conversion within a week and everything done nicely even in the month of fasting season for Muslims. Salute to them and big clap for the mechanics in P44 Autoworks.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

How VVTL-i Works

The Toyota VVTL-i system or "lift" is similar to Honda's VTEC system, incorporating two distinct cam profiles. However, the actual mechanism is quite different. Both cam lobes operate a single wide rocker arm that acts on both intake or both exhaust valves. A needle-bearing roller on the arm follows the low-rpm, short-duration, low-lift lobe, forcing both valves to open and close on that profile.

The roller design and roller bearings on the rocker arm pivot help to minimize valvetrain friction. The high-rpm, higher-duration, longer-lift lobe rubs on a hardened steel slipper follower mounted to the rocker arm with a spring. Even though the high-rpm lobe is pushing down further than the low-rpm lobe, the spring absorbs the extra movement.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Mitsubishi EVO X Coupe For Sale on Ebay

The Mitsubishi Evolution X is a great looking machine but one would be hard pressed to tell the difference between it and a well kitted Mitsubishi Lancer, bar a few tell tale differences. While browsing around the net for some interesting car stuffs, I stumbled across this yummy offering, a custom Evo X Coupe, and it's for sale!

The whole thing is a yet to be completed project and thus far the previous owner has done away with the two rear doors, slapped on a wide body kit, deep dish alloy wheels with carbon fiber centers, coilover suspensions, a upgraded turbocharger together with upgraded injectors and meth injection. It also comes with a ton of ICE equipment from Focal and Kenwood.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Nice Widebody Celica (APR) From Japan

Hatyai and Songkhla Trip during 53th Merdeka day

Finally had a long holiday for me to enjoy a holiday trip to Hatyai and Songkhla with my parents and my girl friend. Nothing much to say and I would just like to share some pictures that I took during the trip.

This was the breakfast for the very first day when we reached Hatyai. Four bowls of bird nest and a big bowl of shark fins for 4 person.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Both My Little Shih Tzu

Just to share both my little Shih Tzu. The bigger one is a male and my love and I bought it last December. It is only 3 months old when we bought it. However we noticed that he is very lonely because during the day we left him alone at home and during the night we seldom got time to play with him. Therefore we started to look a girl friend for him. After 6 months of searching, we managed to find a female Shih Tzu from linggene kernel. Here are the photos of both of them.