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Mitsubishi Gearbox Information

Here is another useful information for Mitsubishi gearbox users. This is a very useful information for those who wish to know more about their Mitsubishi gearbox. This information is for the gearbox made by Mitsubishi from 1992 until 1996.

Year 1992
Year 1993

Year 1994

Year 1995
Year 1996
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My gearbox code F5M221 ada cop nie gb apa ek?

Probably it is from a 4G37 or 4G63 SOHC engine. Regarding the HICOM wording, since HICOM was the authorized importer, assembler and distributor of the Mitsubishi range of 4x4 vehicles, multi-purpose vehicles (MPVs), commercial vehicles, double-cabs and buses until early 2005 so it might tag with the HICOM wording on the gearbox as well.

my car proton wira ab wit mivec engine.. buy schd from usedcar.. gearbox code W5MG12RRTE .. model mitsu mana gb ni??.. cant find in google.. huhu.. ty..

hi car 97' satria xli(a) just convert to manual..but due to autogbox problm,i chnge to manual,but the gbox came from wira my car feel lot lighter and fuel consumption is twice better than before..but topspeed not really good..did chnging to this gbox was good for long term?is there gonna b any problm in years to come?

Hi Qaiyim,

Due to the gear ratio is designed for 4G15, it is not suitable for 4G92 as the capability of each engines is different. It is advisable to change to 4G92 gearbox. If for daily usage, the 4G15 gearbox will still serve you right in the near future.



Ya there are 2 models as I know off. 1 is the full lock, the other 1 is the 1.5 way.


Hello Ben,

Is there any chance that a gearbox for mitsu eclipse 4g37 could fit on a 4g63?

Thank You

Hi Victor,

For this, you will need a clutch to match the flywheel which you also need a new clutch and pressure plate. Your FM522 5 speed transmission is the same as the 4G63's except shorter gear ratios.


hello Ben,

what code for the engine 4G93T gearbox?
which part at the code number have to look during buy gearbox at halfcut?


hello Ben

what code for the engine 6a12 11 gearbox?


Hi kitaterjah,

The code for auto should be F4A42 and the FTO 5 speeds should be F5A42


hi ben,

im using 4g93 sohc manual the gearbox is 1.5,
so i want to change to 1.8.
juz wanna ask u is that any different between 4g92 and 4g93 manual gearbox??
any code different between the 2 gearbox??
are ratio same ?
you recemonded?

KG Boy...

Hi KG Boy,

I'm assuming that you are mentioning about the 4G92 from CA4A and 4G93 from CA5A.

If yes, there are several different between these 2 gearboxes.
1. Gearbox model: 4G92 = F5M22-1-2RRXE, 4G93 = F5M22-1-VRZE
2. Final gear ratio: 4G92 = 4.021, 4G93 = 4.322

My recommendation based on what you prefer. Better pickup you may opt for the 1.6 gearbox and for overall then you may opt for 1.8 gearbox.


hi ben i want to ask i have a lancer 94 with 1.3engine.. i already did a swap with 4g63 but i use the 4g13 transmission.does the tranny will break because of rpm limit?are different? rep please thnx ben


The gearbox will break. 4G13 gearbox gear ratios do not match with the output generated by 4G63. RPM is limited by the engine. You can freely rev up to the limit provided by 4G63 engine but the gearbox will fail you.

Ben gb code is F5M221FRMGCM7726P can i know which model n gear ratio?

hi ben,
mygear box code is W5M312 RRTE XW4543.please tell me what type of gear box is that.

tq along

hi ben,
i'm stev, i got a some noob question here, hav gearbox gear ratios is match with the output generated by 4G13?


Hi along,

You gearbox most probably is come from 4G91 4WD


Hi Stev,

The best gearbox ratio is the original 4G13. However 4G15 is able to fit as well.


hi ben i was wondering if a 4g37 gearbox will fit in 4g63dohc 7bolt?tnx your answer will be highly appreciated :)

Hi Renz,

The FM522 4G37 transmission wont bolt up to the 4G63 is another FALSE rumor the transmissions are exactly the same, only the turbo ones are different


hi ben this rod,
i change 4G15 engine into 4G93 sohc engine as well as the transmission, i used 4G92 1.6 transmission but there is cracking noise when i shift only 3rd and 4th gear, what supposed to be the problem Ben?

Hi rod,

Most probably this is from the individual planetary gears, input shaft or interior transmission bearings. A single gear can be chipped or worn down, allowing only a noise in that gear.


Hi Ben,
I want to buy a 4g93t manual gearbox, I already found it (code W5M312RRIE YL8529). Is it 4g93t gearbox?


Hi Ben,
i would like to replace my stock gearbox (4G15 fuel injection engine - modded with ngk cable plug, denso iriduim plugs, k&n drop air filter, s90 throttle body, MVV head, MVV manifold, rpw racingcam, super touring flywheel,block rebore to 76.5mm, waja piston, 4G18 crankshaft, aerospeed crank pulley and aerospeed camshaft).... which one would u suggest? i heard tht gearbox from (4G91 fuel injection) can be fitted in, is that true? wht is their ratio?

Hi Ben,
i would like to replace my stock manual gearbox (4G15 fuel injection engine - modded with ngk cable plug, denso iriduim plugs, k&n drop air filter, s90 throttle body, MVV head, MVV manifold, rpw racingcam, super touring flywheel,block rebore to 76.5mm, waja piston, 4G18 crankshaft, aerospeed crank pulley and aerospeed camshaft).... which one would u suggest? i heard tht manual gearbox from (4G91 fuel injection) can be fitted in, is that true? wht is their ratio?



my gearbox code is F5M211VRBE. please tell me what type of gear box is that.


hi ben..
i want to know the different between gb1.6 and 1.8 to detect the different coz it have the same 3 first nmber 222..

please help me


my gearbox code f5m221rrme..may i know the FD and which car use it..tq


Your gearbox is from the Proton Wira 2.0 diesel version. If not mistaken the final drive is 3.8


Hi ben, my gearbox is w5m312rrte..may i know the 1st to 5th gear ratio and the FD?

hi ben my gb f5m221vpxl what my gb model?

Hi sparco51651,

It came from a Libero. However I do not have the information for the gear ratio.



It should be from the Proton/MMC 1.6/1.8L model.


Prefect ratio modication for racing 4g93 engine.. Please you advise..

Hi Ben,
i wanto to know how i can to do to upgrade a tranny (3rd and 4th)f5m222 xrxe (mivec 4g92 1st g ca4a) which gear fit in this tranny.
thank you,

hi ben

can gearbox W5M312RRTE gearbox fit to 4g15p? i heard it can fit but must lock it first... if can fit how to lock that gearbox?

Hi Nazmi,

Perfect ratio vary from individual and engine setup. I recommend that you discuss this with your mechanic for best ratio to suit your engine.


Hi Felix,

You can consider to upgrade the 3rd and 4th by this ratio...
3 = 1.300
4 = 1.000


Hi nazidasyam,

It is from a 4G15 libero. Basically they lock it but what we call "weld the gear".


hi ben ,
my enjin is 1.6 auto,and im convert to manual with gearbox 1.5, and now i have problem with the starter, what kind of starter should i used??

Hi Sam,

Any starter from earlier Mitsubishi engine can work on your car. The best is to get the Galant's starter.


Hi ben. I have a F5M222VPZV on a 4G63 DOHC. Can i replace it with the F5M221VPKV from a 1.8l 4g37?? Will it bolt up?

hi ben

now i'm using wira 1.6 97'. this is my second time replace with my gearbox within a year.They change it to this code F5M221RRME. it is code for 1.6 gear box?

I feel there is no power went i'm using it. Previous gearbox i can hit top speed 190kmh but now it only hit 160kmh max.

Hope u can help me to find which is the code for wira 1.6 soch.

thanks. Ayie


The F5M221 1.8L gearbox has a shorter 1st gear ratio. So you need to consider about it. Btw, it can bolt on.


Hi Khairul,

Yes, it is a 1.6L gearbox. If not mistaken it is for a diesel engine. Do check the gear ratio so that you will know why there is a different for your top speed.


Hey Ben been looking for tranny and motor information for so long glad I found this site! I have a 97 mirage with a 4g15 motor and 5spd trans I want to throw in a 4g94 1.8l in. Will the 4g94 bolt directly onto the 4g15 manual trans? And do I need the 4g94 flywheel as well to mate to the 4g15 trans? Thanks! -Nick

Hi Nick,

4G15 GB fits on 4G94. It is advisable to use 4G94's clutch, flywheel, pressure plate.

However, the F5M41 diesel GB has different bell housing compare to the petrol version. So please bare in mind of this.


Hi Nick,

4G15 GB fits on 4G94. It is advisable to use 4G94's clutch, flywheel, pressure plate.

However, the F5M41 diesel GB has different bell housing compare to the petrol version. So please bare in mind of this.



My gearbox code f5m221RRNE YD7111..may i know this gearbox from which model?


It is from a Mitsubishi Libero.


Hi Ben,
I just converted my 4G63 SOHC auto to manual with the code of F5M222 VRXE(Hicom) due to i couldn't find 4G63 GB or similiar model after my car stucked in the workshop.I found that when i reached 120km/h, the RPM already at 3500 which my previous auto only done at 3000. Is is this GB not suitable and the fuel consumption is higher than before with auto GB.
Thanks and regards,

hello,4g92 mivec semi lsd gearbox can fix 4g13?thx...

Hi ben, just want to ask what gb is this? f5m211rrje. im using 4g93 twincam, is it ok to use this gb?

Hi ben..may i know final drive for gearbox code f5m221xpxl..

Hi Pau,

The gear ratio is different. Thus you are experiencing this.



f5m211rrje should come from either the 4G15 or 4G91. The gear ratio might not really suitable to 4G93 but you are able to use it.



If my memory serve me right, the FD for f5m221xpxl is 4.592


Dear Ben,

Can the F5M221 VPXL gbox fit into 1.8 DOHC Engine?


Hi AZ,

This is from a Mit Chariot. And if you are talking about the 4G67 then yes.


hi ben, chip here from Penang. i have a question. can an F5A42 transmission be bolted to a 4G9 series engine? thank you.

hai ben..
the F5M221 VPXL gbox come from what is 4wd or 2wd..tq

Hi Chip,

If you are 5th generation 4G9x then it is ok to use F5A42



The F5M221 VPXL is come from Mitsubishi Chariot and it is a FWD 2WD.


Does F5M221XPXL gearbox suit 4G92 Mivec engine?
Is the gear ratio longer than F5M222? Thank you.

hai ben,

what code gearbox f5m211vrjedw7924p?? im used 4g91 enjin and that gearbox can used for this enjin and no problem for the future?
tq ben


F5M221XPXL can plug to 4G92 but the gear ratio is not suitable for 4G92 MIVEC engine due to it is high revving engine.


Hi Samsul,

This gearbox normally couple with the 4G15 engine. There is no major issue to use this on your 4G91 engine.


Does 4G15 5spd manual box bolt straight onto 4G92P engine including CV joints/input shaft/mounts? No need to swap housings etc?

Hey mate
I have a 4g93t late model (cm5a I'm pretty sure it's called) and an Evo 5 4g63t
Problem is that my CK Lancer shell is FWD.
Which gearbox/flywheel/clutch setup would you recommend that would hold the power in FWD and also suit both engines?
Cheers Ben


There is different for the flywheel bolts between 4G15 and 4G92 gearbox.


Hi Jamie,

You can consider the 4G93 version gearbox. Or you can lock the 4WD gearbox to fit to your FWD chassis.


Just conked out my 4g92 engine, wil 4g93 go on to my auto gearbox fwd?

Hey mate cheers for the reply.
I have the NA 4g93 gearbox and it all bolts in fine. None of my starter motors will engage the flywheel either length OR width wise. It's a no go for sure. I have another flywheel which is 23 spline, same count as the 4g93 NA but this flywheel is too big...
Every flywheel I find that looks like it may engage the starter, simply won't fit my bell housing.
Which flywheel am I hunting down exactly bro?
Hey legend for the help. If it's not too much trouble, do you think you could please email me at
Sorry it's just that it's sitting in the driveway full of mods and ready to tune, just sitting there lol

Thought I better add the gearbox code to be safe as I'm only 90% sure its an NA 4g93... It could be a 4g92
Cheers again man


4G93 1st gen(Putra/GTi) is able to fit to your 4G92 gb


Hi Jamie,

F5M42-1-F8A7 is a 4G93 gb from the 99 CJ/CK model
Try to assembly the clutch and flywheel to the input shaff. Then measure the flywheel flange and search for a after market part.


Hi Ben,I use gearbox fm221 on my 1.6 wira engine. The question is why my car losing pickup. It's like driving 1.3 wira..any suggestions. FYI I now I used 8 ince clutch,standard engine and no other modified.


Seem like you are using a 1.8L 4G37 gearbox on your 4G92p engine. The gear ratio is not suitable for your engine.


Hello mr Ben, I am not sure if I sent my code again, can you tell me if there are any similarities beetwen F5A42 and F4A42 and can the F5A42 be used on 4g63/4 which is bolted to F4A42(1996+, engine on the left)

Hi Ben,

Im using f5m221 RRRE. From which engine is that gb from ? Is it fine to use with 1.6 engine? What is the final gear ratio? When i shift to gear 5 the speed drop is that could be because of gearbox?


F5A42 is a 5 speeds auto from FTO and F4A42 is a 4 speeds auto. It is hardly to fit to the 4G63/64. Problem is how to mount the gearbox.



F5M221 RRRE is a diesel engine gearbox. Final gear ratio should be 3.8.


i rapleced 4g13carb with short block 4g15 and my gearbox code f5m211vrae so what i should do to get best acceleration plz?

im in need of a transmission for my 99 eclipse gst and both transmissions i have pulled out of other cars a 95 gst and a 97 gst had f5m31 transmissions in them whereas i have a f5m33 in mine. according to the sheet that goes on a 2.4l engine...what gives?

Hi Tarek,

If you need better acceleration, you need to re-match your gear ratio instead.



Let me get thing right. Is it happen to you that it can't fit to your engine? Or is it a confusion in your mind why there are 2 different type of gearbox code?

1. If you happen to have difficulty to install the gearbox, you need a match clutch and bell housing to fit it. 33 is taller while 31 is shorter.

2. Turbo FWD car is equipped with the F5M33 while non turbo version is equipped with the F5M31.


Hi ben..
Now i use 4g92p satria 1.6 gb i have problem 5gear kick back .. What your suggestions about my problem .. can i put gb 1.8 5gear only in my 1.6 gb ??or there are same thing?

Hi Shahir,

The fifth gear of the 4G93 and 4G92 gearbox is different.

4G93 => 0.777
4G92 => 0.756

It is recommended that you change the gearbox according to your engine so that it can deliver the best torque and top end for your engine.


F5M222-VRZG gearbox is from which car originally? Need to know urgently. HELPPPPPPP

Hi ben

Can u help me.. I need explaination for F5M221xpxl.. What model this gb from.. And can i know original gear ratio from gear 1st until 5th n also final drive.. Tq ben.. Hope u can help me.. Because i used this gearbox at my mivec 1.8 engine.. I already changed final drive to 4.8 ralliart.. Is it ok..?

Hello Ben,

Could you please post some info on 4G18 (Waja 1.6 mmc) gearbox?

Recently I bought a box to convert from auto to manual, indicating it's for waja mmc but after all the dissassembly, it turned out the manual box is not for waja mmc.

Maybe if you could provide the code for waja 1.6 mmc may help me resolve this issue with the seller.

Appreciate very much.

Hello Ben,

What is F5M42-1-R7B from?

Thank you.


F5M222-VRZG is from a 1.8 ride.

Hi Asraf,

F5M221xpxl is from Mitsubishi Space Wagon whereby the gear ratio is similar with MIVEC and with a close ratio FD 4.592.

Hi Eddie Yong,

F5M42-1-R7B is from Mitsubishi Cedia 1.8 Turbo


Hi ben ,4g13sohc can use ca4a non lsd gearbox?:-)

Hi Ben, is it ok to fit my 4G63 engine with F5M221RRME? Tq

hi ben..

i use waja 1.6 standard and wish to upgrade my gb,,
some said,,good to upgrade vr-4 gb,,

what ur opinion?
what gb should i use for upgrade?


Hi ben...
Can you give more details about gearbox f5m222vrzg...


Hai ben...
can you give more info about f5m222vrzg gearbox...
About ratio gear 1-5 and final drive to...

Ben, you could make my dreams a reality with your knowledge!

I want to swap a 4G64 8 G Galant engine into my 2000 1.8L Mirage DE with F4A42.

I Know the 8G Galant uses F4a42-2, is the bellhousing bolt pattern the same???

I have all the other wrinkles ironed out except for this and I am willing to swap bellhousings. I just prefer to save money if possible, doesn't everybody?!?

Hello if anybody is still around!
Having a slight annoyance looking for a new gearbox as I want to convert from auto to manual. I currently have a 4g92 mivec engine in my cj4a Mirage, I now know that I probably need a F5M42 model number gearbox to match the engine but I cannot seem to find one as they seem pretty rare? Is there any suggestions on what other gearbox's I could bolt up that would still keep a similar ratio to the original mivec box? Have looked at the 4g13/15 and also the 4g93 gearboxes but still unsure what would be better suited!
Many thanks

Hi Zhau Leng Wang,

Not able to plug and play to 4G13.

Hi $0mE0nE,

Depends on what you plan on your car. If you wish to have high revving experience, you may opt for mivec gearbox.

Hi Muhammad Radzi,

I'm sorry that I have not much information regarding this gearbox.

Hi craiggus365,

If not mistaken it should be the same.

Hi James Richards,

The best is the mivec gearbox. 4G93 gearbox is not for high revving engine.

Hi Ben,

good day
I got engine from galant 8th gen 4g63a Sohc NA. what are the gearboxes I can use?
does all the 2nd & 3rd gen 4g9x sohc GB fits?


Hai Ben..
i would like to ask the model for this code F5M221FRMG..
Is it from proton diesel 2.0??

hi ben..
i got a gearbox code F5M221FRMG..
but i dint know from which model it is..
could you help me..

Hi I just convert from 4g91 to 4g92 SOCH. It has 4 gears auto. Can I change to 6 gears auto??? Which trans can fit?

Have a 6A12 engine, could F5M22 gearbox work with this engine??

hi ben
im using a 1.5 wira auto..and im having problem wht my gearbox..and as u know the standart auto gearbox for 1.5 wira only have 3 gear..can i fit a 4 gear auto gearbox to my car..if can from what model is suitable

If not mistaken, F5M221FRMG is from a Lancer Wagon.

Hi Wilson Zechariah,
You may try the 4 spds gearbox from 4G92.

Please make sure the bellhousing and bolt are fit.

Hi Aimullah Ahmad.,
You may try the gearbox from 4G91.

Hi Ben

So as long as the bellhousing and bolts fit the F5M22 gearbox should fit the engine right??


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Hi ben
Need some info.

1)Can 4g92 gearbox use with 4g93t engine. If cant, can i mod it to some ratio to make it suit with 4g93t engine.

2)i've mod my gen2. And i would like to know if any gearbox i can ise for upgrade oem gen2 gearbox. Need more power gearbox that suit my gen2.



Hi Ben,

I'm using wag with mivec 4g92 engine. wanted to change to manual. which gearbox fits the engine. with or without led, depends on the price.

my current gb - slip for the 2nd time


hi ben,

My gearbox code is W5M311 TPXL UB7126 (installed on Perdana V6). Can u please tell me what type of gear box is that.

tq izzad

can anybody tell me what box this is please f5m421y68an me Daus
i want to know..
Didt fix 4g37gb to engine 4g13/15
what repons if i using...and so much batter also if used blok 4g15..or not..


Hi ben...
My persona fitted wit complete 4g93ck turbo (tiptronic). i'm looking for manual gb. Need your suggestion how to upgrade my gb. Is it ok if i install wit evo 4/5/6 manual gb?

Hi ben.
Can i know this f5m211vrbect3938p which car it from? And what the ratio.


Hello ben. Can u tell me f5m211vrbe ct3938p which car it from. Clutch pump or cable.And it ratio.
Thanks for halp ben.

Hi im lee,
Can anybody tell me what box for sirial numb F5M211VRJE DHG299P? Its 1.3, 1.5 or 1.6?

Hello ben..
Would you like to tell me the different between gb1.6 and 1.8 mitsubishi
How can I detect the different. Because it have the same number. I mean first 3 number is 222.

please help me

Thanks in advance

hello Ben, I'm wondering if the F5M321-2 transaxle is compatible with 4G93 engine?


Hello Ben, is a F5M32-2 transaxle compatable with a 4G93 engine?


hi ben.
im a newbie and own a lancer 97 model with 4g13 engine. just want to know how many liters of transmission fluid capacity it has. im a second owner of the car and i dont have the manual. also problem with cold start. needs to start 3x bfore i can drive the car. can u plis help me with some advice. thanks.

hi ben.
im a newbie and own a lancer 97 model with 4g13 engine. just want to know how many liters of transmission fluid capacity it has. im a second owner of the car and i dont have the manual. also problem with cold start. needs to start 3x bfore i can drive the car. can u plis help me with some advice. thanks.

Hi ben i have two questions..can FD mivec 4.6 hybrid into 4g15 gearbox?? And can the 4g15 engine use the mivec gearbox??


Hi guys, I have Pajero io 1.8 4 doors and I believe it's a 4G93, I want to put a 2 door gearbox ,will it fit in? As I am not sure if it will work,both cars are same year models 1996.
Please help

hi ben,
just want a confirmation about a gearbox code F5M222VRZG,CH85666P. Is it a 4G92 or 4G93 gearbox? Thanks for your explanation

Hello Guys!

I have question. I have proton satria 1.6 4g92P (2000) - what is the shortest gearbox that I can use in this model? I'am using it in amateur rally and it will be really helpful to have short gears.

Can you help me please?