Tuesday, June 8, 2010

4G63T VR4 Differentiation

I had posted some basic information on how to modify the 4G13 and 4G15 for those who not willing to change their factory fitted engine. And now, I would like to post up some information about what kind of engine that commonly get fitted to Proton Saga, Satria, Wira and Putra to replace the factory fitted engine. One of the famous engine is the 4G63T from the Mitsubishi Galant also known as VR-4 (E38A/E39A). The one I am talking here is the machine used by Mitsubishi to participate in the 1988-1992 World Rally Championships. The Galant's 4G63 two litre DOHC turbocharged engine and 4WD transmission was later adopted for the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution with little modification.

There are three types of engine specification throughout the entire life of the Mitsubishi Galant VR-4 (E38A/E39A). There are the 200hp, 220hp and the final version the 240hp. So how we differentiate all these three type engines? The easiest way is to check the wording tag on the inlet manifold. The 200hp is written with the cyclone wording. 220hp is with the cyclone intercooler and the 240hp is written with ECI Multi. 

Besides that, we can differentiate it by the injectors. The 200hp and 220hp VR-4 are using the 450cc injectors, which it is blue in colour. For the 240hp VR-4, it is using the 510cc injectors and the colour of it is yellow.

The other thing that we can use to differentiate the is the throttle body. 200hp VR-4 has a different throttle body compare to VR-4 220hp and 240hp. Then the wiring throttle position sensor (TPS) for VR-4 220hp is also different compare to VR-4 220hp, 240hp and the rest of the EVO 4G63T series. The socket cam angle sensor (CAS) and the distributor of VR-4 200hp is unique compare to VR-4 220hp and 240hp.

There are three different kind of ECU being used by the VR-4 as well.
VR-4 200hp ECU 0427
VR-4 220hp ECU 8618
VR-4 240hp ECU 5818


hi ben..nice info...help me a lot through the diff between the 4g63 engines..made me more understand bout the engines..

Hi just an update, the vr-4 220hp ecu codeis 0427 not 8618. Thanks.


Thanks for the correction. Appreciated it a lot.

i have a 4g63 engine without any label.from what car is that?


Since I never see your engine before, then I can only guess for it. It might be from either one of these, Evo,Galant VR4, RVR, Eclipse, Airtrek, Dodge ram and etc.


hi ben i was wondering can i turbo my 4g63?does i really need to change the ecu?what parts i need tnx.


It is advisable to change the ECU for better tuning.


Hi Ben ,

I bought 4G63T EVO3 4WD with no gearbox , i loaded it in a FWD Chassis with a F5M221RRME Gearbox. Just spend some money on a new clutch kit + flywheel i ordered on the net for Mitsubishi Eclipse Fwd. Problem now is the Flywheel is too big for the Gearbox case n cant bolt back the gearbox ! still want to keep the new clutch setup! what other gear box can i use?

Hello Ben,

Bought i think an EVO3 Engine (4G63SJ4794) with no gear box fitted F5M221RRME n running smooth. Later Upgraded Stage 2 Clutch kit + flywheel for Eclipse FWD.Cannot bolt back gearbox flywheel too big (but sits & bolts just fine on the engine block). Which gear box can i use?
Note : i still want to keep the new clutch set up.
Also Note : Eclipse Fwd Gearbox is not available in my country.
Please advice