Monday, October 12, 2009

DIY: 4A-GE 20 Valves VVT ECU indicator

A lot of owner for the 4AGE 20V will wonder when the VVT actually activate. There are not many products in the market that able to tell the owner when VVT is activated. Even there is a product, it will not cost cheap and it is not worth to buy a product which only for display purpose or less function. However there is a cheaper way to DIY (do it yourself) VVT activation indicator.

Basically, this shows that how we can install a LED as an indicator when the VVT is activated. The VVT will activate from 1500 rpm till engine redline. This is good to show that whether the VVT system is working or not. 

Continue for the picture that show how you connect the wiring.


hey, wired up the light, but the led remains on all the time. Does the resistor in the circuit prevent the light from constantly staying on?

Ok problem resolved, it appears your diagram isn't suited for a AE111 Levin....

I'm having a hard time installing that device and I'm glad you shared that procedure. I hope you update us with more.

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Recently my 20v BT is sound weird (after i push hard my car till redline several time)… so much noise like teppet sound. Sound like taxi or using diesel engine…haha n the km is near 150k already… I will try to use Q8 oil to solve this 1st. Can u recommend me what oil to use for engine oil / gear oil / lsd oil?

You definitely need to know this if you want to be a professional driver. I leaned that in my professional driving school